Cherry and Minoru Tanaka Anniversary Shows at Shinkiba 1st Ring

Shinkiba 1st Ring held a couple of milestone career anniversary events on 6/17/19 and 6/18/19 in Tokyo for Minoru Tanaka and the joshi wrestler Cherry.

Cherry’s 15th Anniversary Celebration on 6/17/19

Emi Sakura, Riho, and SAKI beat Chou Shiryu, Hime Makoto, and Cao Zhang.

Sakura Hirota won a 15 intergender Battle Royal by elimininating Cherry last.

Aja Kong and Shigehiro Irie beat Kaori Yoneyama and Keisuke Ishii when Kong pinned Yoneyama after the spinning backfist.

Cherry beat Masako Takanashi in the main event. Between this match, and working the Battle Royal earlier, she wrestled nearly an hour on the show.

Minoru Tanaka 25th Anniversary Celebration on 6/18/19

Ikuto Hidaka pinned Shota Nakagawa.

Junta Miyawaki and Seiya Morohasi beat Rionne Fujiwara and Hiroshi Yamato when Morohasi used a crossface submission on Fujiwara.

Sareee pinned Giulia with a German Suplex.

Jun Kasai and Isami Kodaka won a 3-Way Falls Count Anywhere Match over Tsubo Genji by submitting him at the same time with armlocks in a matter of seconds. The match was restarted and it was the same finish after several minutes with Genji losing to a double submission.

Minoru Tanaka and Jiro Kuroshio beat Masaaki Mochizuki and Hi69 when Tanaka pinned Hi69 with the Heat Clutch.

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