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K-1 Krush Fight 102 results 6/21/19

21 Jun 2019

K-1 Krush Fight 102 results from Tokyo, Japan at Korakuen Hall on 6/21/19 and live on Abema TV:

Super Featherweights: Hideki over Kazuki Sagegami by KO in R2.

Super Welterweights: Eito over Toshiki Watanabe by KO in R1.

Super Lightweights: Yuta Saito over Kazuma Takekoshi by TKO in R3.

Super Featherweights: Junpei Sano over Takuma Kawaguchi by KO/ref stoppage in R3.

Featherweights: Riku Morisaka over Naoki Takahashi by 3-0 decision.

Super Bantamweights: Yuto Kuroda over Ryuto by 3-0 decision.

Super Welterweights: Kotetsu over Yojiro Hiratsuka by 3-0 decision.

Super Lightweights: Kensei Kondo over Fumiya by TKO in R2.

Super Lightweights: Ruku over Tsubasa Horii by 3-0 decision.

K-1 Krush Fight Featherweight Champion Yuki Egawa over Tetsu by KO in R1.

K-1 Krush Fight Super Welterweight Champion Jordann Pikeur over Katsuya Jinbo by 3-0 decision.

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