Glory Kickboxing 66 results 6/22/19

Glory Kickboxing 66 live from Paris, France on 6/22/19 on YouTube with prelims and Super Fight Series ( and and main card on UFC Fight Pass.


Sarah Moussaddak beat Aurore Dos Santos by decision.

Guerric Billet beat William Goldie Galloway by decision.

Matej Penaz beat Matthieu Ceva by TKO in R1.

Michael Palandre beat Vlad Tuinov by split decision.

Super Fight Series-

Aleksei Ulianov beat Masaya Kubo by split decision.

Antonio Plazibat beat Nordine Mahieddine by decision.

Stoyan Koprivlenski beat Mohammad Jaraya by TKO in R3.

Artur Gorlov beat Yegish Yegoian by decision.

Lightweight Champion Artem Vakhitov beat Donegi Abena by split decision.

Main Card-

Felipe Micheletti beat Luis Tavares by split decision.

Mohamed Mezouari beat Adam Hadfield by TKO in R1.

Women Super Bantamweight Champion Anissa Meksen beat Sofia Olofsson by TKO in R1.

Welterweight Champion Cedric Doumbe beat Alim Nabiyev by knockout in R2. Nabiyev was knocked down by a right hand. He didn’t look fully coherent but the referee allowed him to continued to fight only to get KO’ed by a few quick punches seconds later.

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