TJPW results 6/22/19: TPC semifinals set

Tokyo Joshi Pro results from Tokyo, Japan at Shinkiba 1st Ring on 6/22/19 and live on DDT Universe

Yuki Aino and Pom Harajuku vs. Himawari Unagi and Mahiro Kiryu

Aino pinned Kiryu after a gut wrench suplex.

Yuna Manase, Mina Shirakawa, and Yuki Kamifuku vs. Natsumi Maki, Hikari Noa, and Mirai Maiumi

Manase pinned Maiumi after the Suzuki Dynamic.

There was a funny spot as Maiumi wanted to do the standing triple splash on Kamifuki. Noa had no problem jumping on Maiumi’s back but Maki tried a few times and couldn’t get up on Noa’s back. Kamifuku was able to recover off of the mat and she gave all three of them the Three Stooges double eye poke.

Maki struggled to get Manase into a crucifix pin then turned it into a sunset. Manase escaped and hit a lariat.

Maiumi, Noa, and Maki all got on the same page to finally get the standing triple splash on Manase for a near fall.

TOKYO Princess Tag Team Champions Sakisama and Misao vs. Nodoka Tenma and Raku

Misao submitted Raku for the win.

After the match, Sakisama and Misao gloated at Tenma. Misao did the heel routine of offering the mic to their defeated opponents. Yuki Aino ran in the ring and batted the mic away because she was tired of all the bullying.

The heels brushed a rose around the face of Aino. Tenma then stepped between and bit the rose off of the stem and started eating it. She gave up after a while and threw the rose across the ring at the heels.

Tenma and Aino will get a future tag titles shot.

Miyu Yamashita and Maki Itoh vs. Reiki Saiki and Rika Tatsumi (this will be Saiki’s last TJPW match for an indefinite time as she is with Wrestle-1 and involved in non wrestling projects)

Saiki pinned Itoh after the jackhammer.

Itoh refused to shake Tatsumi’s hand and gave her the middle finger so Tatsumi shook hands with the referee instead.

Saiki powerfully grabbed Itoh’s hand and forced her to shake hands with her. Itoh looked shocked and complied.

It started off with a stiff exchange of kicks between Saiki and Yamashita. It looked like one caught Yamashita in the elbow. Itoh then demanded to be tagged in then Saiki tagged in Tatsumi.

Itoh and Tatsumi got into a shouting match when Itoh got them better of. Itoh tried to go for a headbutt but Tatsumi blocked it with both hands and kicked her low.

Yamashita with more hard kicks to Saiki and then she applies a body scissors. Saiki crawled to the bottom rope despite Itoh trying to pull the rope out of arm reach.

Yamashita and Itoh smash Saiki with a running dropkick and battering ram headbutt at the same time.

Saiki manages to get a little adrenaline and body slams Itoh then tags out to Tatsumi.

Tatsumi hits Itoh and Yamashita with jumping hip attacks and gives one to Itoh from off the second rope.

Tatsumi tried to give a forearm to Itoh but accidentally hit the “indestructible” head of Itoh. Tatsumi tried to rally with another hip attack but that also connected with Itoh’s head. Both tag out.

Fast paced exchanges between Saiki and Yamashita.

Saiki gets Yamashita up in a torture rack as Tatsumi knocks Itoh down on the apron. Yamashita refuses to submit so Saiki slams her to the mat.

A pair of figure fours by Tatsumi and Saiki but Itoh and Yamashita make it to the ropes.

Itoh looked like she was going for the diving headbutt out of one corner on Saiki but she got frustrated and jumped off to give Saiki a bodyslam. She then went to the other corner and successfully delivered the diving headbutt but Saiki kicked out. Tatsumi and Yamashita are brawling outside the ring.

Itoh went to apply the Itoh Special but Saiki turned it into a cradle for a near fall.

After the match Saiki patted Itoh on the hand and shook her hand. She then hugged Yamashita and shook hands with Tatsumi. The three other women left the ring as Saiki could say goodbye.

Saiki thanked everyone and bowed to the crowd. She said she is done with the company for now after 3 years. She mentioned she signed with Wrestle-1.


TOKYO Princess Cup Round 2: Yuka Sakazaki vs. Miu Watanabe 

Sakazaki got the pin with a trapped leg and arm cradle.

TPC Round 2: Mizuki vs. Shoko Nakajima 

Mizuki got the pin after a diving double stomps to the back then quickly rolling over Nakajima for another diving double stomp to the midsection.

Mizuki was able to do a fast rolling cradle from one corner to another then leap on the second rope and come off with a double stomp in super quick fashion early in the match.

There was exchange of pin attempts including a Northern Lights Suplex by Nakajima.

After the match Manase, Sakazaki, and Maki came out to the ring to pick colored balls from a box with Mizuki that will determine the semifinals tournament matches.

Mizuki will face Maki and Manase faces Sakazaki on 7/7/19.

Mizuki said she would like to face usual tag partner Sakazaki in the finals.

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