Pro-Wrestling:EVE to air 3 shows live this week

Pro-Wrestling: EVE will broadcast all three of their events this week LIVE on EVE On Demand

6/28/19: “She Brawls in Brighton” from Brighton, U.K. at Brighthelm Centre airing at 3pm EST

EVE Champion Kay Lee Ray and Viper vs. Jinny and Mercedez Blaze

Nina Samuels and Jordynne Grace vs. Laura Di Matteo and Rebel Kinney

Utami Hayashishita vs. Yuu

Mayu Iwatani and Arisa Hoshiki vs. Kagetsu and Jamie Hayter

6/29/19: “She’s Gonna Start A Fight” from London, U.K. at The Resistance Galley at 9:30am EST

Kay Lee Ray vs. Mayu Iwatani vs. Su Yung vs. Millie McKenzie

Viper and Utami Hayashishita vs. Jamie Hayter and Kagetsu

Jetta and Erin Angel vs. Debbie Keitel and Valkyrie

Jordynne Grace vs. Yuu

6/30/19: Wrestle Queendom 2 from York Hall in London, U.K. at 11am EST

EVE Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Viper in the final EVE match for both current NXT U.K. stars

EVE International Champion Utami Hayashishita vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Nina Samuels

Mayu Iwatani vs. Kagetsu

Arisa Hoshiki vs. Roxxy

In a match to crown the inaugural EVE Tag Team Champions: Mille McKenzie and Charli Evans (back from a tour in Japan with Sendai Girls) vs. Jetta and Erin Angel

Session Moth Martina (as Session “Goth” Martina) vs. Su Yung in a Hardcore Match

Laura Di Matteo vs. Jordynne Grace

Some tickets are still available for the shows here

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