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Rise “Pride and Joy” results 6/30/19

30 Jun 2019

Rise results of “Pride and Joy” from Chicago, Illinois at Logan Square Auditorium on 6/30/19 and live on FITE:

The ring announcer brings event hosts Nyla Rose and Sonny Kiss to the ring to open the show.

Allysin Kay and Veda Scott are the broadcast team. They’re always charming together on the call like pro wrestling’s version of The Gilmore Girls.

DJ Summers vs. Regina “Honey” Badger

Summers got the pin after a running boot to the face.

Sophie King vs. Ray Lyn

Lyn got the pin after a cutter even though it looked like King may have had a leg under the bottom rope.

Miranda Alize vs. Candy Lee

Alize got the pin after a poke in the eye and a shining wizard.

A big pop for Lee. She is from New Zealand and this is her American debut. She was the subject of a news documentary a couple of years ago about being a transgender pro wrestler.

Alize has her finger in a splint. She got on the mic and first said her finger was sprained and later said it was broken. She said she was not going to risk getting hurt even more and told Lee to find another opponent. She went to walk to the back but Lee ran after her and they brawled around ringside.

Alize got the advantage in the ring and went to work on Lee’s fingers. She sandwiched a finger in the turnbuckle and stomped on it.

Kimber Lee vs. AQA

Lee got the pin after a piledriver in a good back and forth match. AQA kicked out of Lee’s powerbomb and alligator clutch as well as the swanton bomb. Lee raised her hand in respect after.

Zoey Skye (Dust’s babyface alter ego) and Courtney Rush (Rosemary’s alter ego) vs. Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo vs. Tag Champions Nevaeh and Jessicka Havok

Havok pinned Skye after the always wicked looking tombstone piledriver off the second turnbuckle. Perhaps a bit of controversy to come as Vox had Nevaeh in a submission hold at the same time of the finish. Nevaeh tapped out but the referee didn’t seen it.

This was really good and it included some comedy that worked.

The rules were anybody could tag any other member of a team. Rush was confused on the rules so she had Skye just lay down and she went to pin her thinking that they could win the titles that way.

When Havok was tagged in nobody wanted to face her. Exo and Vox kept tagging in Skye and Rush, and Rush and Skye did the same to them.

Havok caught Vox when she did a running crossbody and then she caught Skye, who came off the top rope with a flying crossbody, and gave them both an overhead slam.

Havok gave Rush and Skye a duel choke slam.

Joey Ryan vs. Dementia D’Rose

It ended in a double pin draw in an attempt at a very unique finish.

Ryan “hulked up” his penis and D’Rose “hulked up” her indestructible backside. The lights went off and on and the camera shook like it was an earthquake. The cameraman fell down and when he panned in the ring Ryan, D’Rose, and the referee were all knocked out on the mat. Ryan and D’Rose’s arms were draped across each other. The referee slowly got up and counted to three.

This was actually funny. Ryan kept trying to intimidate D’Rose with the penis routine and she tried to intimidate him with her ample backside. He finally agreed to touch her butt, but instead he gave her an atomic drop then acted like he hurt his knee. She returned fire and gave him an inverted atomic drop and acted like she hurt her knee.

Ryan hit her on the butt with a chair and acted like the impact hurt his hands and it had no effect on her.

D’Rose kicked out of the YouPorn Plex and Ryan kicked out of the Weapon of Ass Destruction.

Jake Atlas vs. Elayna Black vs. Devon Monroe vs. Big Mama vs. Jamie Senegal vs. Priscilla Kelly in Doors Elimination Match

Since doors as weapons in pro wrestling have become as popular as tables in 2019 it’s the same rules as a tables match.

Mama drove Black through a door in the corner of the ring immediately.

Everyone else eventually eliminated Mama in a tower of doom spot through a door that Mama set up between two chairs in the ring.

Kelly eliminated Monroe after cannonballing off the ring apron and smashing him through a door set up by the guardrail. She was holding her back afterwards and Monroe’s head looked like it was at a bad angle.

Atlas powerbombed Senegal through a door but he meant to eliminate Kelly as well who was laid out on the door. He was trying for a double elimination but she moved out of the way in time.

German suplex by Atlas to Kelly and Kelly returns the favor with a half nelson suplex.

Jake Atlas won the match after giving Kelly a DVD from off the ring through a door set up on the outside.

This was really good with a lot of athletic and fast paced action between the eliminations.

Sabotage Wrestling War of the Genders Champion Shotzi Blackheart in an open challenge match

Blackheart came out and said the title is about equality and she doesn’t care if she faces a man or woman tonight.

A person wearing a mask ran out from the crowd and attacked Blackheart. He hit her with a big piece of a broken door from the previous match. The referee allowed the person to compete but you didn’t know if they were male or female.

The person unmasked and it was Effy.

Blackheart beat Effy by DQ when he used his ring jacket to choke her over the ropes.

After the match, Effy cut a big promo and said he was made that he wasn’t originally booked on the show. He said he makes every LGBTQ show bigger and better.

He said tomorrow, when Pride Month is over, the LQBTQ wrestlers will probably stop getting booked but right now they’re acting thankful with the “thank you’s and yes sir/no sir” routine to promoters.

He said booking LGBTQ is trendy like booking women was. He said tomorrow everyone will remove the Pride Flag off of social media.

He said he demands to be booked. He said it’s no longer about equality he’s out for blood. He said he’ll hold the show up on live TV with a live mic.

Nyla Rose and Sonny Kiss came out looking unimpressed.

Effy laughed at Kiss. He said Kiss was probably glad that he got to be in a “Las Vegas Battle Royal” and get quickly tossed out.

Rose said Effy was not going to ruin the evening of entertainment for the people. She kicked him in the crotch then threw him at Kiss. Kiss gave him the head scissors butt bumps in the corner. Rose then gave him a Samoan Drop to send him out of the ring.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Cassandro el Exotico

Cassandro wrapped Martinez up in a cradle for the pin.

They started with some lighthearted and friendly exchanges then Cassandro hit her with two missile drop kicks.

Martinez acted like she was going to bail on the but Cassandro went after her and threw her into the crowd.

Back in the ring, Cassandro walked the full length of the top rope with ease and strutted around then came off with an arm drag on Martinez.

Martinez hit Three Amigos and got Cassandro in a chin lock but he bridged out.

Martinez knocked Cassandro off the top rope to the floor. He looked like he was got to bail on the match and walked to the back. Martinez went to the top rope and came down with a cannonball on him to the floor. It looked like hardwood floors too.

They brawled and she threw him into the crowd.

They fought on the top rope. Martinez gave him a low blow and shoved him off the ropes then came off the top rope with what looked to be her diving foot stomp but Scott and Kay called it an elbow drop.

Martinez argued with the referee before the finish.

Cassandro looked like he was limping after the match. Martinez shook his hand and they hugged. He raised her hand in respect and politely waived to the crowd then went to the back.

Martinez cut a passionate promo.

She thanked Cassandro and said age doesn’t mean anything in pro wrestling.

She asked the crowd if they liked her dive to the floor. She said she practiced Lucha for the match but she was scared.

She talked about Pride Month and put RISE over big. She said they have been known for developing women’s athletes for the future but starting tomorrow it will be about men, women, gay, Les, trans, cat or dog.

She said everyone is welcome in RISE and they are here to entertain.

She got on the ropes and lead the crowd into a big RISE chant.

This was a really fun show and only $10. RISE seems to be on a roll after almost closing down last year. You can catch the replay here:

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