Wrestle Queendom 2 results 6/30/19: Charlie Morgan retires

Pro Wrestling:EVE results of Wrestle Queendom 2 from London, U.K. at York Hall on 6/30/19 and live on EVE On Demand: https://eveondemand.pivotshare.com

Ring announcer Emily Read and matchmaker Rhia O’Reilly opened the show on the stage. They introduced Sierra Loxton as guest color commentator with Dann Read. She suffered a broken back on an EVE show a few weeks ago against NightShade.

It looks like a good crowd on hand. There is no air conditioning in the venue which has been around since about 1929 and it’s a hot London day.

YUU vs. NightShade

YUU gets the pin with a yoshi tonic off the top turnbuckle.

Spinning side slam by YUU but missed a senton. NightShade capitalizes and hits a senton of her own.

Double knees in the corner by NightShade.

YUU with a lariat and a series of chops to knock NightShade down.

Yuu with a choke submission but NightShade hits an elbow and a flatliner.

NightShade rushes Yuu in the corner but Yuu just deadlifts her and throws her across the ring.

NightShade misses a cannonball so Yuu hits one of her own and follows with a couple of sentons.

Yuu tried to go for a senton off the second rope but NightShade stopped her and they fought on the ropes before the finish.

Kagetsu (with Jamie Hayter and Session Moth Martina) vs. Mayu Iwatani

They went to a 15-minute time limit draw.

They exchanged arm drags then Iwatani hits a dropkick. Iwatani tried to go for more offense but she was pulled out of the ring. Hayter and Martina beat on her on the outside as Kagetsu distracted the referee.

Kagetsu paintbrushes Iwatani with series of slaps to mimick the crowd’s rallying claps.

Iwatani hits a big cross body off the top rope to the outside the follows up with a diving double stomp inside the ring.

Iwatani tried to go for a moonsault but Kagetsu hit a springboard drop kick.

The referee was distracted again and Kagetsu brought in the Oedo Tai wooden logo sign to use as a weapon.

A couple of drivers by Kagetsu but Iwatani kicks out. Kagetsu tries an arm bar but Iwatani makes it to the ropes.

Another driver by Kagetsu and she tries to go Oedo Coaster but Iwatani gets a super rana and a missile drop kick.

Both women knock each other down with kicks.

Both women explode up and charge at each other.

Iwatani hits a crucifix bomb but Kagetsu kicks out. Iwatani hits a German suplex but Kagetsu kicks out.

Iwatani with a 619 then goes for a moonsault but misses.

Kagetsu shoved the ref and spayed red mist in the face of Iwatani. Kagetsu goes up for the Oedo Coaster as time expires but hits it anyway.

The crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Laura Di Matteo vs. Jordynne Grace in a Grudge Match

Di Matteo won by grounded submission right after giving Grace a tombstone piledriver in an intense finish.

They attacked each other at the start.

Di Matteo bounced right off Grace as she did a crossbody off the second rope.

Grace with what looked like a delayed suplex but she turned it into a jackhammer.

Di Matteo with a satellite head scissors turned into the grounded submission. Grace powered her into the corner and repeatedly rammed her in the corner then gave her a wheelbarrow slam.

A couple of big body slams by Grace but Di Matteo pops up with a rush of adrenaline. Grace goes for a Grace Driver and drives Di Matteo hard into the mat on the top of her head. Everyone thought it was the finish but Grace kicked out.

Action spills to the outside and Grace backdrops Di Matteo into the crowd. Di Matteo walked along like guardrail like The Undertaker walks the ropes. She tried to come off with a rana but Grace caught her and powerbombed her into the ring post.

Di Matteo hit a springboard DDT back in the ring.

The crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Grace was helped to the back by a referee and Dann Read put overt that it’s rare someone as strong and powerful as her to need help.

Charli Evans and Millie McKenzie vs. Jetta and Erin Angel vs. Jinny and Mercedez Blaze to determine the first ever EVE Tag Team Champions

The feed went out all across PivotShare but we are told by people at EVE that Jetta and Angel won the match to become the inaugural champions.

Session Moth Martina vs. Su Yung in a hardcore match

The feed is back as Martina makes her way to the the ring.

Yung got the pin after a brainbuster off the top rope on chairs and thumbtacks below followed by the panic switch into the tacks.

This was a wild spectacle. Yung had a kendo stick and Martina had a kendo stick made of beer cans. Martina was her “Session Goth Martina” alter ego for the match.

They brawled on the outside and hit each other with baking sheets. Martina was busted open and bleeding from the forehead.

Martina suplexed Yung into the crowd then brought out a stapler gun and started stapling the bare back of Yung.

They made their way up to the stage. Yung got a hold of the stapler gun and gave Martina a staple in the forehead cut.

They had a brief drinking contest sitting in two chairs across from each other on the stage. Martina spit beer in Yung’s face.

Multiple members of The Undead Bridesmaids came out and surrounded the ring but Martina punched them all off of the apron.

Yung drove Martina straight through a big door set up in the corner of the ring.

There was a table set up outside the ring. Martina and Yung struggled so they wouldn’t fall off the ring and land on it. Yung looked like she was about to spray the red mist but Martina sprayed red mist at her instead. Yung fell backwards and off the ring but all the Undead Bridesmaids caught her on the outside so she wouldn’t go through the table. Martina jumped on the top rope and did a cannonball dive to send Yung right through the table.

Martin brought out thumbtacks. She gave Yung a crucifix bomb in the pile. The Undead Bridesmaids all came into the right and attacked Martina.

Charlie Morgan came out to the ring and gave a very emotional announcement. She said the injury that she suffered a few months ago at SHIMMER is far worse than they thought. She announced her retirement.

She said pro wrestling gave her a life that included meeting her girlfriend. She said she came out as a member of the LGBTQ community in the EVE ring. She said she is 27 and decided it’s time to try to grow old gracefully. She said in addition to injuries, pro wrestling is also tough on the road.

She thanked EVE owners Dann and Emily Read. They all hugged and cried in the ring.

Morgan pointed to her family and friends in the crowd and thanked them. She said “Mom, you don’t have to worry any more”.

Lastly, she thanked all of the fans for their support of her career.

The EVE roster was in tears watching on the stage and then they all came to the ring to give Morgan a hug.

Wonder of STARDOM Champion Arisa Hoshiki vs. Roxxy

Hoshiki pinned Roxxy. Hoshiki showed respect and shook hands and hugged Roxxy after. This was a tough match spot after Morgan’s announcement. Rossy Owaga did the traditional STARDOM title match photo op in the ring with the belt before the match.

EVE Champion Utami Hayashishita vs. Nina Samuels vs. Jamie Hayter (with Kagetsu) in an elimination match

It is No DQ because of 3-Way Match rules.

They start off with trying to get quick pins on each other. Hayter then did a dive on the other two outside.

Utami and Hayter go at it in the ring and then Samuels comes back in to try to pin them both.

Utami arm drags Hayter hard onto Samuels in the corner and then slams Hayter on top of her.

Double half crab from Utami on both at the same time.

Utami gives a German suplex to Hayer and Samuels at the same time.

Cool spot as Utami had Samuels in the back beaker and Hayer tried to kick at both of them, but Utami would not let go, and Samuels would not submit.

Hayter with a superplex followed up by a a Falcon Arrow.

Jamie Hayter eliminates EVE International Champion Utami Hayashishita after a suplex onto the knees.

Samuels runs back in and immediately tries to steal a pin on Hayter.

Hayter dives through the ropes but Samuels blocks it with a chair.

Samuels uses the chair to crotch Hayter for a near fall.

Jamie Hayter pinned Nina Samuels to become the new EVE International Champion after a low kick followed up by the curb stomp.

Rhia O’Reilly said the main event was next and she told the crowd to stick around after the match because they would be giving a send off to Kay Lee Ray and Viper.

EVE Champion Kay Lee Ray vs. Viper

Viper pinned KLR after a Viper Driver off the top rope in their final EVE match as both are under NXT U.K. deals.

They went for the lock up and neither would let go. They even rolled out of the ring still locked up.

Viper tried to monkey flip KLR out of the corner but KLR landed on her feet.

An exchange of pin attempts from both, then Viper locks the legs of KLR and turns it into a bow and arrow. KLR then turned that it into a pin attempt.

They’re doing a friendly routine of tossing bottled water back and forth to each other to share. Viper let the referee have a drink too.

Overhead slam by Viper followed by the big crossbody.

KLR with a choke submission but Viper turns it into a suplex.

They gave each other Canadian Destroyers.

Viper hits a cannonball but missed the Viper Bomb. KLR hits a dive to the outside.

Viper dives on KLR and security on the outside. She places KLR in a chair on the outside and gives her a cannonball.

KLR runs in the ring from one corner the other and does a corkscrew dive to the outside.

KLR connects with the Swanton Bomb but Viper kicks out.

Viper gives KLR a reverse rana when KLR was going for an electric chair slam. She followed with the Viper Driver but KLR kicks out.

KLR gives a Gory Bomb but Viper kicks out.

They hugged each other in the middle of the ring after.

Rhia O’Reilly came out to the ring for the farewell ceremony. She showed a video on the screen like they did when Kris Wolf retired. The first person in the video was O’Reilly herself.

It was all a swerve. O’Reilly, NightShade, and Livvii Grace jumped Viper and KLR in the ring. KLR was sent to the outside and held back by NightShade and Grace. 

O’Reilly held her foot on Viper’s throat in the ring. She got on the mic said she gave Viper every match that she asked for in the role of matchmaker and now she wants a match.

EVE Champion Viper vs. Rhia O’Reilly in an impromptu match

O’Reilly won the title after giving Viper a DDT on the EVE Title as Blaze distracted the referee.

After the match, Viper and KLR slowly left the ringside area and they went over to hug Dann and Emily Read. Dann got on the mic and told the crowd to give it up for Viper and KLR because it was their last show with the company. They waived their goodbyes to the EVE crowd from the stage.

This was a very entertaining and highly emotional show.


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