SHINE 60 line up for Michigan 8/24/19

SHINE announced the card for their second ever event in Livonia, Michigan at Monaghan Knights of Columbus on 8/24/19 at 4pm EST.

SHINE Champion Allysin Kay vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. Ivelisse

SHINE Tag Team Champions Gabby Gilbert and Lucious Latasha vs. Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo

SHINE Nova Champion Shotzi Blackheart vs. Natalia Markova (with Brandi Lauren)

Aja Perera and Aerial Monroe vs. Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson

Brandi Lauren vs. Avery Taylor

Dementia D’Rose vs. Holidead

Lindsay Snow vs. Leah Vaughn

Tickets are available here:

This show will be a double header with EVOLVE.

TJPW card for 8/4/19, Su Yung on 8/25 show

TOKYO Joshi Pro announced the card for the 8/4/19 show in Kanagawa, Japan at the Tsurumi Fruit and Vegetable Market:

Miyu Yamashita vs. Miu Watanabe

Rika Tatsumi vs. Demonio Uno

Yuka Sakazaki and Mizuki vs. Nodoka Tenma and Mina Shirakawa

Sakisama and Misao vs. Himawari Unagi and Pom Harajuku

Yuna Manase and Yuki Kamifuku vs. Mahiro Kiryu and Mirai Maiumi

Shoko Nakajima and Yuki Aino vs. Maki Ito and Hikari Noa

They announced that Su Yung would be teaming with SAKI (another alter ego of Saki Akai apparently) vs. Asuka and Makoto on the 8/25 DDT show at Korakuen Hall.

TJPW will also have a show on 8/25 at Korakuen with Su Yung vs. Yuka Sakazaki.

Yung will face Maki Ito on the 9/1 show.

DDT results 7/29/19

DDT results of “Beer Garden Show All Out Day” from Tokyo, Japan at Shinjuku FACE on 7/29/19 live on DDT Universe:

There were a few exhibition matches with trainees before the main card.

Antonio Honda vs. Sakura Hirota

Hirota (and her two children) pinned Honda after an eye poke by her little boy.

Hirota came out with her two kids who couldn’t have been more than 3 years old. They came out to a theme song that was about Bobo Brazil not being from Brazil. She apologized and said she didn’t have a babysitter. Her kids stayed in the ring and ran around the whole match. The girl pretty much stayed by the referee and the boy kept running around in a circle by Honda.

Honda kept handling Hirota gently at first in hopes of not upsetting her children. Then he got her in a half crab and her little boy helped her to the ropes.

Honda ached like Jerry Lawler and pulled down his straps in front of her kids and then he went up on the ropes like he was going to doing the flying fist drop. When he saw the faces of her kids he crawled down and was just going to give her a regular fist drop but she rolled him up for a near fall.

Honda cut a promo after and told the kids it was their mom’s idea. He said he hoped people watched with an open mind and there wasn’t going to be hate on social media.

Toru Owashi Rubber Mask Army vs. Danshoku Dineno Rubber Mask Army (aka Owashi with two guys wearing masks of him vs. Dineno with two guys wearing masks of him)

The match ended in a no-contest when Higuchi and Yoshimura each “passed out” on their respective team due to the lack of oxygen under the masks.

Akito vs. Shota

Akito got the pin after a few counters and reversals. This was a serious technical wrestling match to balance the show.

KO-D 6-man Tag Team Champions Konosuke Takeshita, Shuma Katsumata, and Yuki Iino vs. Isami Kodaka, Ikuto Hidaka, and Fuminori Abe

Katsumata pinned Abe. The end came when all three challengers had the champions lined up in submission holds. Takeshita broke free and used his own partner Iino as a springboard to dropkick Abe and allow Shuma to cradle Abe for the win.

AWS results 7/27/19: Title Change and Possible Retirement

AWS results from South Gate, California at the American Legion on 7/27/19:

Mike Camden pinned Hunter Freeman.

FunnyBone pinned The Human Tornado after the Leap Of Filth. Tornado.

After the match Tornado took off his boots and left them in the ring to apparently signal retirement again. He announced he was retiring in May 2018 due to back issues. He previously retired in 2010 but made a return in 2012.

Jenna Van Muscles and Notorious Nadi beat Viva Van and Violet Payne when Muscles submitted Van.

Deimos pinned Terex after a lariat.

AWS Tag Team Champions Jesse James and Hoss Hog beat Hindu Jr. and Superboy Jr.

Raze won the AWS Women’s Title from Shotzi Blackheart.

Vipress beat Karissa Rivera by DQ. Raze got involved to distract the referee and Vipress acted like she was hit in the head by Rivera with a beer can. When the referee turned around he saw Vipress laying on the mat and the can in Rivera’s hand. He called for the bell.

Andy Brown pinned Mr. Iguana after a piledriver.

Gringo Loco won a 4-Way over Legacy, Lil Cholo, and Che Cabrera by pinning Legacy.

September 21 is the next show. The November 30th event is set to be the final AWS show and it’s called “Calling it a Day.” Both events will at the American Legion like usual.

RISE Tournament matches set for 9/1/19

RISE announced the tournament matches for their Regional Rising Stars Midwest Tournament show which will take place on 9/1/19 in Berwyn, Illinois at the Eagles Club. It will also air live on FITE.

Hawlee Cromwell vs. Laynie Luck

Queen Aminata vs. Sierra

Elayna Black vs. Sophie King

Big Mama vs. Valentina Loca

In Non-Tournament action:

Tag Team Champions Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh vs. Dust, Rosemary, and Raven’s Ash in a handicap match

Priscilla Kelly vs. Jake Atlas

Dementia D’Rose in an Open Challenge to any Chicago wrestler in a fans bring the weapons stipulation match

Tickets are available here:

Pro Wrestling Mexico debut show results

Pro Wrestling Mexico (PWM) held their debut show on 7/21/19 in Monterrey, Mexico at Arena Coliseo. Here are the results:

Baby Extreme, Komande, and Dulce Canela beat Ultimato Maldito, Kratoz, and Brillante, Jr. after duel shooting star presses for the double pin.

Arez won a 3-Way Match over Dragon Bane and Latigo by pinning Bane with a lariat and Northern Lights Suplex just after Bane came off the top rope with a splash on Latigo.

Ayako Hamada and Chika Tormenta beat Taya Valkyrie and Starfire when Hamada pinned Valkyrie after Daga ran in and superkicked Valkyrie while Tormenta and Starfire fought with each other outside the ring.

El Hijo de L.A. Park and L.A. Park Jr. beat Puma King and El Divo when El Hijo pinned Divo.

Before the finish El Divo accidentally dropkicked the referee and then unmasked El Hijo. He rolled El Hijo up for the pin but the referee was down. El Hijo put his mask back on and recovered as Divo was trying to get the referee back up.

Divo was a replacement in the match for Teddy Hart who announced by video tape message on 7/18 that he has an injury and he wouldn’t be on the show. He said doctors told him he’d be out for a few weeks.

Daga pinned Johnny Mundo after shoving the rudo referee down and then giving Mundo a kick to the groin.

The referee was on Daga’s side the entire match. When it looked like Mundo was about to win a few different times, the referee would either count slow or turn his back and act as if he was reacting to something in the crowd.

Ayako Hamada came out after the match to cheer Daga and she gave him a hug. They both then stomped on Mundo who was still laying on the mat after the low blow.

Taya Valkyrie ran out and made the save. She clotheslined Hamada out of the ring and gave Daga a kick to the groin. She kicked the referee low too and Mundo gave him Starship Pain.

L.A. Park won a Lucha Extrema 3-Way over Pagano and Taurus by placing a broken ladder on Taurus and giving him a legdrop from the second rope for the pin. Pagano had broken the ladder apart earlier by doing dive into it on the outside when he was trying to go after Taurus.

They plan on doing another show in September with details to be announced.

TOKYO Joshi results 7/28/19

TOKYO Joshi results from Osaka, Japan at Hirano Civic Hall on 7/28/19:

Maki Ito beat Mahiro Kiryu by Ito Special submission.

Mina Shirakawa pinned YUMI after the Implant DDT.

Yuna Manase and Yuki Kamifuku beat Himawari Unagi and Pom Harajuku when Manase pinned Harajuku with the Suzuki Dynamic.

Miyu Yamashita and Miu Watanabe beat Rika Tatsumi and Raku when Yamashita pinned Raku after the Attitude Adjustment.

Sakisama and Misao beat Yuka Sakazaki and Mirai Maiumi when Misao pinned Maiumi after the Vantis.

Shoko Nakajima, Yuki Aino, and Nodoka Tenma beat Mizuki, Natsumi Maki, and Hikari Noa when Nakajima pinned Noa with the Northern Lights Suplex.

Queens Of The Ring results 7/27/19

Hurricane Pro’s “Queens Of The Ring” results from Beaumont, Texas at Ford Park Exhibit Hall and live on Title Match Wrestling Network on 7/27/19:

Matt Topolski is the play by play announcer.

Guest GM Joey Ryan came out to open the show. He said he plans on keeping Hurricane Pro Women’s Champion Miranda Alize on her toes with a mystery opponent. He said he will be bringing sleazy back to the event tonight.

Phoebe vs. RWR Vixen Champion Raychell Rose in a non-Title match

Phoebe got the pin after a face buster when Rose tried to hit her with the title belt but missed. Rose was frustrated that Phoebe kept kicking out of everything that she gave her.

Alex Gracia vs. Heather Monroe in a #1 con. match for the Hurricane Pro Women’s Title

Monroe got the pin after a michinoku driver in a hard fought match. They started with chain wrestling and then it picked up into an explosive pace.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa got the pin after a shotgun drop kick into the corner followed by the diving double stomp in an excellent one.

Fans tossed in streamers after. They both showed each other respect. The match built up into different layers. I thought it was going to a draw at one point.

Martinez gave Rosa a powerbomb off the top rope on the apron. A fan yelled out “That’s the hardest part of the ring!” Martinez gave him a sly smile and said “That’s the point”.

Code breaker followed by a flying knee by Rosa.

DVD off the top rope by Martinez to Rosa but Rosa kicks out.

Top rope hurricanrana by Rosa.

Sabotage Wrestling Champion Hyan vs. Amber Nova

Hyan rolled up Nova for the pin as Nova almost collided into the referee and she tried to stop herself. This was a fast paced back and forth match.

Rok-C vs. Priscilla Kelly

Kelly got the pin with a cradle and holding the tights in a short one.

Kelly appeared to be legit hurt after some fast paced action to start. She kept favoring her right leg on the mat and talked to the referee for the longest time. She said she was able to continue and immediately did a waist lock into the pin for the finish. She was helped to the back by a referee and security after.

Matt kept putting over that 17 year old Rok-C took a Greyhound Bus to get to the show. That is a shoot as a couple of different people on the Texas indie circuit have told me this year that she regularly travels by bus to the shows that she’s booked on.

Aug. 24 is the next show back at Ford Park.

Hurricane Pro Women’s Champion Miranda Alize vs. an International Mystery Challenger

Guest GM Joey Ryan came out and announced that Miranda would be facing him as the mystery opponent.

Alize got the pin after shoving a lollipop up Ryan’s backside and the Shining Wizard. They worked well together but it was the “Same Old Ryan” getting in his usual spots.

Heather Monroe came out and begged Ryan to give her a title match. Ryan got on the mic and agreed. He said the event wasn’t over and he was still GM.

Hurricane Pro Women’s Champion Miranda Alize vs. Heather Monroe

Monroe won the title after a super plex and the michinoku driver for the pin.

Good short match that wasn’t an instant title change unlike what usually tends to be the case in pro wrestling impromptu title matches like this. Monroe was all over the exhausted Alize at the start. Alize fought back and connected with the Shining Wizard but Monroe was near the ropes.

Ice Ribbon results 7/27/19: Fujimoto‚Äôs Birthday Party

Ice Ribbon results from Saitama, Japan at the dojo on 7/27/19. This was Tsukasa Fujimoto’s birthday show (her birthday is July 30):

Tsukasa Fujimoto, Maika Ozaki, and Satsuki Totoro beat Maya Yukihi, Tequila Saya, and Giulia when Totoro pinned Saya.

Tsukasa Fujimoto went to a 10-minute time limit draw with Tsukushi.

Jayla Dark and Akane Fujita beat Tsukasa Fujimoto and Risa Sera when Dark pinned Fujimoto.

Tsukasa Fujimoto, Matsuya Uno, and Asahi beat Ibuki Hoshi, Suzu Suzuki, and Tekla when Fujimoto pinned Suzuki.

Sendai Girls in U.K. results 7/27/19

Sendai Girls in U.K. results from Manchester, U.K. at Academy One on 7/27/19:

Viper won a 4-Way Mach over Gisele Shaw, Isla Dawn, and Jody Threat by pinning Shaw.

Aiger beat Session Moth Martina.

DASH Chisako pinned Kay Lee Ray after the hormone splash in a No DQ Match.

Valkyrie beat Chris Brookes in an Open Challenge. Valkyrie was supposed to face Killer Kelly but Kelly is injured.

Sendai Girls Tag Team Champions Millie McKenzie and Charli Evans beat Chihiro Hashimoto and YUU when McKenzie pinned YUU after a spear.

Toni Storm pinned Meiko Satomura after Storm Zero.