Wrestle Aid results 6/29/19

Slam Wrestling Finland results of “Wrestle Aid 2019” from Rauma, Finland at Rivintola Tifosi on 6/29/19 and airing on ISTV: https://www.is.fi/muutlajit/art-2000006142974.html

This is an outdoor show on a beautiful sunny day. It’s a charity show to benefit people with muscular dystrophy.

Matt Cross vs. Jami Aalto

Cross got the pin after a springboard cutter and shooting star press. They shook hands after.

Cross hit the diving double stomp to the back of Aalto but surprisingly Aalto kicked out. Aalto then hits a spinning driver but cross kicked out.

Mikk Vainula and Carlos Zamorra vs. Polar Pekko and Patrik Mieto

Vainula and Zamorra get the win after a swanton bomb and power slam for the pin on Mieto.

Jurn Simmons vs. Heimo Ukonselka

Heimo gets the pin after a flying kick to the face. Another friendly handshake afterwards. This show is for charity.

They brawled into the crowd and fight on a picnic table that looked like it was going to break but it didn’t. Simmons slammed Heimo on it but it didn’t break.

Now they fight up in the bleachers. Both guys look very intimidating and Simmons gets in the face of a fan.

Viktor Tykki vs. Scotty Davis

Tykki got the pin after a running slam off the shoulder.

Some really impressive mat work from both to start off then Davis does a dive to the outside and gets caught. Tykki gives him a DVD on the apron and bring him back in.

Tykki follows up with a DDT. The Finnish speaking announcers actually called it a DDT and mentioned Jake “the snake” Roberts.

Some kicks by Davis but he gets caught with a spinning side slam.

Davis uses his quickness and springs in to grab Tykki in a German Suplex.

Spin kick by David for a near fall and then a Dragon Suplex.

Good match and both guys looked impressive. Davis looks like he would fit in perfectly on 205 Live or Impact Wrestling’s X-Divison.

Stark Adder vs. Toni Tamminen

Tamminen gets the crucifix pin.

Mat wrestling starts it off then Tamminen hit a flatliner into a submission but Adder makes the ropes.

Front face lock into a suplex by Adder.

Northern Lights suplex by Tamminen.

Things turn into a brawl on the outside. They trade chops and the announcers name drop Ric Flair.

Huge missile drop kick from Tamminen right across the ring.

Flying head butt by Adder.

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. StarBuck

Tajiri got the pin after spraying green mist and the buzzsaw kick when the referee was briefly bumped. They shook hands and hugged after.

Sadie Gibbs vs. Ivelisse vs. Meiko Satomura

Satomura pinned Ivelisse after a Death Valley Bomb.

They circle each other to start and Ivelisse is cocky and bumps them both in their shoulders. She goes for a big round house kick but the both duck.

Ivelisse gets sent to the corner and Satomura charges at her with a forearm. Satomura tells Gibbs to charge as well but Ivelisse moves out of the way and Gibbs hits the ring post.

Gibbs hit Satomura with the handspring elbow into the corner and then took her out of the corner with a head scissors. Gibbs followed it up with a standing moonsault.

Ivelisse springboards in and takes Gibbs down.

Arm drags by Gibbs to Ivelisse. Ivelisse counters with a couple of her own.

Satomura back in the ring and gives kicks to both of them.

Gibbs splashes them both in the corner.

Gibbs and Ivelisse fight on the top rope and Satomura comes in and underneath Grace with a powerbomb for a tower of doom spot.

Satomura hits the cartwheel knee drop on Gibbs.

Rolling snapmare by Ivelisse to Satomura. Gibbs immediately drop kicks Ivelisse.

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