Lucha Libre AAA results 7/3/19

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide results on 7/3/19 from San Luis Potosi City, Mexico at Auditorio Miguel Barragan and live on Twitch:

They showed a memorial tribute video of Perro Aguayo who passed away earlier today at 73. The announcers were in the ring with a memorial wreath as the roster surrounded the ring.

Dr. Wagner Jr. came out to the ring with his two sons. He paid tribute to Aguayo briefly then vowed to win Blue Demon Jr.’s mask at TripleMania. He said if he loses he will lose his hair and he will also retire.

Iron Kid and Dinastia vs. Latigo and Arez

Dinastia submitted Latigo with an armbar right after a Spanish Fly. It was a long opener with lots of near falls. Good match with impressive stuff from all four especially Iron Kid who at one point stood on the back of Latigo for a few seconds and then gave him a Code Red.

Psycho Clown and Chessman came out to give away hats to the crowd.

Eterno vs. Dave the Clown vs. Villano III Jr.

Eterno pinned Villano after a Styles Clash.

Clown gives Eterno a diving double stomp then dove to the outside on Villano and tossed him into the crowd.

Villano takes out Clown and Eterno with a spear as they were fighting on the apron and everyone was sent down to the ground.

Golden Magic vs. Chik Tormenta vs. Latin American Champion Drago

Drago pinned Magic after a rolling Implant DDT.

This was a Title Match and Tirantes was the referee.

Tormenta gave Magic a German Suplex while Drago was on Magic’s shoulders.

Tormenta with a big dive to the outside from the top rope on both.

Drago gives Magic a draping DDT and Tirantes counted fast but Magic kicked out.

Tormenta never returned to the match after her dive and the action on the outside.

Daga ran out and tried to jump Drago but Drago fought him off for a bit. Daga then powerbombed him. Daga said he will take the title from him on Saturday.

The English announcers said Tessa Blanchard wouldn’t be with Daga on Saturday (she will be on the weekend of Impact Wrestling events) but she’ll be watching his match on Twitch.

Daga was wearing a t-shirt that said “Lucha Libre Is The Shit” on the back.

Starfire and Puma King vs Keyra and Daga

Daga pinned King after hitting him with brass knuckles.

Tirantes was the referee for this one too. Each time King and Starfire were about to win he counted slow for Daga and Keyra to make the save on each other. Keyra powerbombed Starfire on Hugo Savinovich’s broadcast table but it did not break.

Drago ran out after and sprayed mist in the face of Daga. He cut a brief promo to continue to build up their match on Saturday.

La Heidra, Monsther Clown and Taurus vs. Nino Hamburguesa, Lady Shani, and Aerostar

Aerostar pinned Clown after a La Lanza as a tribute to Perro Aguayo and a diving splash off the top rope.

La Heidra sucked up to Tirantes before the start.

Shani rolled up Taurus into a bridging pin but Tirantes was slow with the count again.

Hamburguesa did a dive through the ropes on Taurus.

Lady Shani gave La Heidra a backstabber on the apron.

Averno, Chessman, and SuperFly vs. 6-Man Tag Team Champions Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr. and Laredo Kid in a non-title match

Averno pinned Myzteziz Jr. after an Angel Wings facebuster from off the second rope.

After the match, Averno challenged for the titles. Laredo Kid accepted and he and Vikingo rushed back in the ring. Averno, Chessman. and SuperFly beat them down with trash cans. They unmasked Myzteziz.

Blue Demon Jr., Texano Jr., and Rey Escorpion vs. Dr. Wagner Jr., Psycho Clown, and Pagano

Demon pinned Wagner after taking off Wagner’s neck brace and repeatedly stomping on his neck.

This was wild and bloody. Demon hit Wagner with a big metal sheet and Wagner was a bloody mess. Demon rubbed his hands in the blood and smeared it all over his own chest which looked incredibly disgusting.

Pyscho Clown did a La Lanza as a tribute to Perro Aguayo.

Later in the match Demon gave Wagner a piledriver and Wagner started convulsing. Both of Wagner’s sons were watching at ringside and they pulled him out of the ring and took him to the back.

It was a handicap match for a couple of minutes then Wagner’s sons came into the ring to apparently take his place. They were beaten down and had their masks torn.

Wagner then came back out shortly after wearing the neck brace.

The rudos stood tall over everyone after the match. Wagner was the bloodiest I’ve seen in a while.

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