Bar Wrestling results of Santos and Cage’s Wedding Reception 7/12/19

Bar Wrestling 40: “Melissa and Brian’s Wedding Reception” from Baldwin Park, California at the American Legion on 7/12/19:

Brian Cage was not at the show and Andy Brown was brought in as a substitute for him in the opening match. Melissa Santos was there.

Teddy Hart won a 4-Way over Rich Swann, Chris Dickinson, and Andy Brown by pinning Brown after a Canadian Destroyer.

Luke Hawx and PJ Hawx beat WATTS and Ryan Taylor.

Tyler Bateman pinned Gentleman Jervis after the Death From Above.

Tessa Blanchard pinned Daga after The Magnum. She kissed and hugged him after the match.

YUMA and BHK beat Reno Scum.

Keira Hogan pinned Joey Ryan after shoving a blow pop up his backside as he was bent over in the ropes and then hitting the Twisting Fisherman Suplex.

Orange Cassidy beat Ray Rosas in a Cut The Cake Match after pushing Rosas off the ropes and down into two cakes Rosas had set up between two chairs in the ring. The stipulation was whoever shoved cake into their opponent first won the match.

It was like a cartoon match with both guys trying to avoid going into the cake. Cassidy did a big running flip dive on Rosas on the outside and brought out a second cake from under the ring during the match.

Joey Ryan came out after the match and said he was supposed to give a wedding present to Brian Cage. He said Cage was at home probably sleeping from pain pills and resting his back.

He said the next show is back in Baldwin Park on 8/1/19 and the main event will be Cage and Scott Steiner vs. Joey Ryan and Orange Cassidy. Tickets are available here:

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