Pro-Wrestling:EVE results of tournament action 7/13/19

Pro-Wrestling:EVE results from London, U.K. at The Resistance Gallery on 7/13/19:

This event is the opening round and semi finals of a #1 con. Tournament for the EVE Title. The finals will take place on August 10.

Charli Evans beat Kanji in a tournament match.

Millie McKenzie beat Laura Di Matteo by DQ in a tournament match when Livvii Grace and NightShade interfered.

Roxxy beat Raven Creed in a tournament match.

EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly came to the ring to explain her actions of turning on Viper and Kay Lee Ray to win the title. She said it was all for EVE’s future because of Viper and KLR going to NXT U.K. She said she will face the winner of the #1 con. tournament at the September show.

YUU beat Kasey in a tournament match.

NightShade beat Shazza McKenzie after interference from Livvii Grace in a non tournament match.

EVE Tag Team Champions Jetta and Erin Angel beat Mercedez Blaze and Lana Austin. Blaze attacked Austin after the match.

Millie McKenzie pinned YUU in a tournament semifinal tournament match.

Roxxy beat Charli Evans in a semifinal tournament match.

It will be Roxxy vs. Millie McKenzie in the finals on the tournament on August 10.

There was a retirement send off to Charlie Morgan with the roster in the ring with her. The Resistance Gallery is EVE’s regular venue and Morgan helped make the wall and balcony of the place famous by using them to an advantage in her career with her daredevil style.

This event will be posted up on EVE On Demand over the next several days.

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