DDT’s Wrestle Peter Pan results 7/15/19

DDT results from Tokyo, Japan at Ota Ward Gym on 7/15/19:

This is an incredibly generous event as it’s a FREE live gate show and also airing for FREE on DDT Universe live: https://www.ddtpro.com/universe/videos/6661

Kota Umeda vs. Keigo Nakamura

Umeda got the pin.

Rika Tatsumi, Nodoka Tenma, and Yuki Aino vs. Yuna Manase, Natsumi Maki, and Himawari Unagi

Tatsumi pinned Unagi after the missile hip attack.

Shunma Katsumata, Yuki Iino, and Mizuki Watase vs. Yuki Ueno, Naomi Yoshimura, and Nobuhiro Shimatani

Iino pinned Shimatani after a spear.

Kota Umeda and Kouki Iwasaki vs. Ryota Nakatsu and Kazusada Higuchi

Higuchi pinned Umeda.

Saki Akai vs. Yoshiko

Yoshiko got the pin after a diving senton off the top rope when Saki kicked out of the diving senton from the second rope seconds earlier.

This was good. Yoshiko dominated the first few minutes with clubbing forearms to the chest and driving double knees to the back.

They managed to escape everything they gave to each other for a series of near falls. Yoshiko gave her the swinging sleeper but Saki eventually got her foot on the ropes.

DDT Extreme Champion Akito vs. Asuka in a IPPON Light Tube Death Match

This is pin, submission, or breaking the light tube on opponent to win.

Akito won in an odd finish after Asuka gave him a roundhouse kick to the head and it broke the light tube on his head. The referee declared Akito the winner and still champion.

The referee gently hung the light tube in the middle of the ropes before the bell. Right at the bell they both immediately tried to shove each other into it but managed to stop just short of a collision.

After some basic wrestling Akito unhooked the light tube and threw it at Asuka. She caught it and gently put it down on the mat.

They did all kinds of moves and holds on each other right around the light tube as if they were dancing around it while trying to counter each other with moves.

Akito slammed Asuka off the top rope while she held the light tube in her hands but she was able to land without breaking it.

Asuka gave Akito a German Suplex while he held the light tube but maintained control so it didn’t break.

Asuka leaped over the light tube as it was set up on two chairs in the ring and she gave Akito a shotgun dropkick.


Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship Delayed Entry Battle Royal

Lucky Ikeda is the Champion coming into the match and he starts things off at #1. This is a Rumble style match but with pins, submissions, and over the top rope for eliminations. The title can change hands at any time during the match.

These matches are always a cluster so we’ll try to cover the highlights.

Gorgeous Matsuno immediately pinned Ikeda to win the title then Tomomitsu Matsunaga pinned Matsuno immediately to win it.

Mad Paulie pins Matsunaga to win the title.

Yuki Kamifuku from Tokyo Joshi Pro enters.

Kazuki Hirata wins the title.

Here comes Joey Ryan to enter.

Yukio Sakaguchi won the match and is the new champion.

Yukio Naya vs. Hideki Suzuki

Suzuki won by an arm submission.

MAO and Mike Bailey vs. Chris Brookes and Masahiro Takahashi

Brookes pinned MAO after a double underhook piledriver and superkick double team finisher.

Good match with lots of high flying and dangerous looking stuff. There was a series toward the finish where they were exchanging German Suplexes and Bailey rolled on his neck really bad. He tried to get back in the ring to make the save so hopefully he was okay.

Super Sasadango Machine vs. Sanshiro Takagi in a Weapons Rumble to determine the inaugural O-40 Champion

Takagi got the pin in a long match after slamming Machine over a couple of stacked plastic containers in the ring.

The concept was like a Rumble match, but instead of ten people coming out every couple of minutes, people brought out ten different weapons for Machine and Takagi to use on each other.

One of the weapons Machine used on Takagi was a medical technician who came out to the ring to draw blood from Takagi’s arm. Machine then immediately worked over the area of the arm where the blood was drawn from.

Miyako Matsumoto came out to help Takagi as a weapon and she gave Machine a diving double stomp. Matsumoto left Ice Ribbon earlier today. She asked Takagi if she can be part of DDT now (and I assume sister group TJPW too). He agreed.

After the match, Takagi cut a promo. He said he’s not retiring. On June 7, 2020 they will have a show at Saitama Super Arena. He said he wants to sell it out.

Second Intermission

Shinya Aoki vs. Danshoku Dieno

Aoki won with a sleeper in the 4th Round in a mostly comedy match with some mat wrestling mixed in.

This was an MMA Rules Match with 10 rounds at three minutes. Mina Shirakawa from Tokyo Joshi Pro was the round card girl.

Iino was the round card guy for the second round in a comedy bit.

KO-D Tag Team Champions Daisuke Sasaki and Soma Takao vs. HARASHIMA and Yasu Urano

Takao pinned Urano after a reverse Gory Special Bomb in a good one. I apologize for the lack of details but it’s almost 6am EST time and the show started a little after 12am.

Joey Ryan came out after the match and said he and Hiroshi Yamato will challenge for the Tag Titles on Sunday at Korakuen Hall.

KO-D Openweight Champion Tetsuya Endo vs. Konosuke Takeshita

Takeshita won the title by Walls of Takeshita submission in a match of the year candidate in 31:38.

They stated out trying to get the quick pins on each other with quick roll ups. Tons of drama with near falls at the end.

Chris Brookes came out and challenged Takeshita to a title match at the show on Sunday at Korakuen.

Takeshita did a classy promo and put over DDT and everyone else on the show. He said they want to make DDT the top promotion in the world.

There is word that DDT is planning on adding English content to DDT Universe. I assume that could mean English commentary because the website already has an option to translate the written text from Japanese to English and other languages.

This show ended just before 7am EST.

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