Sendai Girls results 7/14/19 and 7/15/19

Sendai Girls from Yamagata, Japan at the Big Wing on 7/14/19:

Mikoto Shindo went to a 10-minute time limit draw with Manami.

Atomic Blonde pinned Sakura Hirota with a German Suplex.

KAORU pinned Samantha Heights after a Michinoku Driver.

Meiko Satomura pinned Ayame Sasamura after a Death Valley Bomb.

DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto beat Chihiro Hashimoto and Alex Lee when Chisako pinned Lee after the hormone splash.

Sendai Girls results from Yokohama Radiant Hall on 7/15/19:

Mikoto Shindo beat Manami.

Mei Suruga pinned Sakura Hirota.

KAORU pinned Alex Lee.

DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto beat Atomic Blonde and Samantha Heights when Chisako pinned Atomic Blonde after the hormone splash.

Sareee and Ayame Sasamura beat Meiko Satomura and Chihiro Hashimoto when Sareee pinned Hashimoto.


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