Tokyo Joshi results 7/20/29: #1 con. to new International Title

Tokyo Joshi Pro results from Tokyo, Japan at Itabashi Green Hall on 7/20/19:

Hikari Noa beat Mirai Maiumi by Blue Racer submission.

Yuka Sakazaki beat Maya Kiryu by trapped double arm submission. Sakazaki had an AEW logo hat with her.

Nodoka Tenma, Mina Shirakawa, and Himawari Unagi beat Miyu Yamashita, YUMI, and Pom Harajuku when Tenma pinned Harajuku after the Kill Switch.

Sakisama and Misao beat Miu Watanabe and Raku when Sakisama submitted Raku.

Miyu Yamashita came out after and said she and Watanabe will challenge Sakisama and Misao for the tag titles on the 8/25/19 show at Korakuen Hall.

Mizuki and Maki Ito beat Shoko Nakajima and Yuki Aino when Mizuki submitted Aino to a face lock.

Ito then argued with Mizuki after the match. She was bitter and jealous that Mizuki won the TOKYO Princess Cup Tournament. They will now face each other on the 8/25 show.

Natsumi Maki won the 4-Way Elimination Match over Yuki Kamifuku, Yuna Manase, and Rika Tatsumi by pinning Kamifuku with the backlash to become the Japanese contender for the inaugural International Title.

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