Fight Club:PRO results 7/26/19

Fight Club:PRO results featuring members of the Sendai Girls roster from Wolverhampton, U.K. at The Hangar on 7/26/19:

Mark Davis beat Shigehiro Irie.

Gabriel Kidd pinned Connor Mills.

Ricky Shane Page won a 7-Way Match over El Phantasmo, Travis Banks, Jody Threat, Omari, Lucky Kid, and Cara Noir after pinning El Phantasmo.

Charli Evans, Millie McKenzie, Chihiro Hashimoto and YUU beat Chief Deputy Dunne, Los Federales Santos Jr., Session Moth Martina, and Lee Hunter when Hashimoto pinned Santos with a German Suplex.

Dan Moloney pinned Jordan Devlin after the Drilla Driver.

Tag Team Champions Chris Brookes and Kyle Fletcher beat DASH Chisako and Meiko Satomura when Chisako was pinned. All kinds of run ins after the match with Martin Zaki, Kid Lykos, Mark Davis, Lucky Kid, Ricky Shane Page, Clint Margera, and Dan Moloney.

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