Pro Wrestling Mexico debut show results

Pro Wrestling Mexico (PWM) held their debut show on 7/21/19 in Monterrey, Mexico at Arena Coliseo. Here are the results:

Baby Extreme, Komande, and Dulce Canela beat Ultimato Maldito, Kratoz, and Brillante, Jr. after duel shooting star presses for the double pin.

Arez won a 3-Way Match over Dragon Bane and Latigo by pinning Bane with a lariat and Northern Lights Suplex just after Bane came off the top rope with a splash on Latigo.

Ayako Hamada and Chika Tormenta beat Taya Valkyrie and Starfire when Hamada pinned Valkyrie after Daga ran in and superkicked Valkyrie while Tormenta and Starfire fought with each other outside the ring.

El Hijo de L.A. Park and L.A. Park Jr. beat Puma King and El Divo when El Hijo pinned Divo.

Before the finish El Divo accidentally dropkicked the referee and then unmasked El Hijo. He rolled El Hijo up for the pin but the referee was down. El Hijo put his mask back on and recovered as Divo was trying to get the referee back up.

Divo was a replacement in the match for Teddy Hart who announced by video tape message on 7/18 that he has an injury and he wouldn’t be on the show. He said doctors told him he’d be out for a few weeks.

Daga pinned Johnny Mundo after shoving the rudo referee down and then giving Mundo a kick to the groin.

The referee was on Daga’s side the entire match. When it looked like Mundo was about to win a few different times, the referee would either count slow or turn his back and act as if he was reacting to something in the crowd.

Ayako Hamada came out after the match to cheer Daga and she gave him a hug. They both then stomped on Mundo who was still laying on the mat after the low blow.

Taya Valkyrie ran out and made the save. She clotheslined Hamada out of the ring and gave Daga a kick to the groin. She kicked the referee low too and Mundo gave him Starship Pain.

L.A. Park won a Lucha Extrema 3-Way over Pagano and Taurus by placing a broken ladder on Taurus and giving him a legdrop from the second rope for the pin. Pagano had broken the ladder apart earlier by doing dive into it on the outside when he was trying to go after Taurus.

They plan on doing another show in September with details to be announced.

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