Impact Wrestling “Unbreakable” results 8/2/19

Impact Wrestling results of “Unbreakable” from Santa Ana, California at ESports Arena and live on Impact Plus on 8/2/19:

Josh Mathews and Don Callis are the announcers.

Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas beat WATTS and Chris Bey. Avalon is the make librarian in AEW. WATTS and Rosas are regulars on the California indie scene. Bey has worked in California and Las Vegas groups.

X-Division Champion Jake Crist won a 5-Way Match over Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, Adrian Quest, and Danny Rivera with a cutter on Rivera as Rivera came flying off the top rope. Really good match with too much action to keep up with in notes.

Jimmy Jacobs was the backstage interviewer talking to Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo. Valkyrie will face Jessicka Havok later.

Madison Rayne pinned Ayako Muharah after the Cross Rayne. Decent match with Muharah getting in spots of athleticism before the finish.

Mathews and Callis mention the death of Harley Race and paid tribute to him.

Michael Elgin pinned Eddie Edwards after a backfist and the Elgin Bomb. Really good hard hitting match. They worked like it was a major ppv match.

Rhino cut a profanity laced ECW-style promo with f-bombs saying he didn’t want to get paid big money just to sit in catering and he wants to be in the ring ripping people in half.

Scott Steiner, Jordynne Grace and Petey Williams beat Gentleman Jervis, Ryan Taylor, and Dicky Mayer after a triple Steiner Recliner submission finish (Grace on Meyer, Steiner on Taylor, and Williams on Jervis).

Jervis and company are California indie regulars which includes Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

Team Steiner came out all wearing Scott’s headgear and dark sunglasses. Scott cut a hilarious promo before the match and said people care about social media followers these days but all he cares about is going back to the hotel with a few freaks. He talked about Steiner math, smelling California pot and California women.

It wasn’t a squash match. Team Jervis isolated Williams for a bit. Jervis acted afraid of Grace and Steiner.

Steiner raised Grace’s hand after the match and gave her a slap on the ass. He then showed his “gentleman side” and held the ropes open so she could leave the ring.

Mathews and Callis mentioned the return of Beverly Hills 90210 since they were in California. Both said they couldn’t wait to watch it. (It airs Wednesday on Fox at 9pm EST)

Jessicka Havok beat Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie by count out when Valkyrie purposely got herself counted out. John E. Bravo tried to attack Havok before the finish and she chokeslammed him.

Jacobs interviewed Moose. He said he and Rhino aren’t that different and have similar styles including their finishers.

Rhino pinned Moose after the gore. Same stuff with Moose toward the end. He bumped the ref, gave Rhino a low blow, and then the spear. Rhino kicked out. He then hit Rhino with a chair and went for a wild swing before Rhino gored him.

Backstage promo from Tag Team Champions The North saying they won the titles on the last Impact Plus show and anything can happen.

Tag Team Champions The North won a 3-Way over Rich Swann and Wille Mack and Reno Scum by getting the fall on Reno Scum.

Jacobs interviewed Blanchard backstage. She said when she came to Impact she wanted to be the greatest Knockout ever but now it’s more than that. She said she never dreamed that she would get a chance to be a contender for the World Title. She said she will show Callihan that they are NOT equals.

Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard for #1 con. to Impact World Title

Callihan got the pin after the piledriver when Jake Crist interfered. Blanchard hit The Magnum but Crist distracted the referee and threw in the X-Division Title. Callihan gave Blanchard a belt bash but she kicked out before the finish.

After the match, Callihan and Crist tried to attack but Tommy Dreamer came out and made the save with the kendo stick.

Dreamer got on the mic and said Blanchard represents hardcore and the ECW spirit. He said if she’s in front of ten people or ten thousand she gives it her all for herself and for her family. He told her to get up off her feet and show the crowd what they know she’s all about.

The crowd gave her a standing ovation and chanted “Thank You, Tessa!”

The match saw Blanchard start off hot doing quick dives on Callihan but he finally caught her and swung her legs into the guardrail. He worked over her legs most of the match.

At one point Callihan spit in her face and the camera got a close up of her. It was an absolutely disgusting visual. He taunted her and said “Fight me, bitch!”

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