Natalia Markova lays out the “Bagel Boss” at FTW

Chris Morgan, the man who went viral last month after an altercation at a Bagel Boss store in New York, appeared at FTW’s event in Peconic, New York on 7/28/19.

FTW Champion Bryan Idol was victorious in his match on the show. He cut a promo after and said he noticed that Morgan was in the crowd. He invited him into the ring with him.

Idol told the crowd that Morgan hasn’t had good luck with women and suggested that foreign women might be better to him. He had Natalia Markova come out with them.

Markova wasn’t interested in Morgan at all and she laid him out with a kick. Idol gloated and said he knew that Markova wouldn’t be interested in a “loser”.

Morgan slowly made his way back to his feet while Idol was still taunting him. He gave Idol a kick and then a stunner.

Security rushed in the ring and escorted Morgan out.

Markova and Morgan are continuing the feud on Twitter. Morgan also says that he wants a title match with Idol.

Morgan will be a guest on Howard Stern’s show later today. He will be competing in a celebrity boxing match vs. TBA on 9/7/19 at Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City with Bam Margera as guest referee.

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