wXw results from Toronto 8/9/19

wXw results from Toronto, Ontario, Canada at The Met on 8/9/19:

They announced that Toni Storm is off the show and they would have someone replace her in the women’s 3-Way Title Match.

Cima won a 4-Way Dance over Daniel Makabe, Julian Pace, and Brent Banks by pinning Makabe after the Meteora.

Shotgun Champion Emil Sitoci pinned Avalanche.

Women’s Champion Amale won a 3-Way over LuFisto (subbing for Toni Storm) and Allysin Kay by pinning LuFisto.

Unified Champion Bobby Gunns beat Mike Bailey by submission.


Timothy Thatcher beat Yuki Ishikawa by armbar submission.

Alexander James and Jurn Simmons won a 3-Way over T-Hawk and El Lindaman, and Aussie Open when T-Hawk was pinned.

WALTER pinned Daisuke Sekimoto after the Fire Thunder Driver. Before the finish it looked like Sekimoto won with a Sharpshooter but the referee said WALTER tapped on the mat twice and not three times so it wasn’t ruled a submission.

WALTER insulted the crowd after and then David Starr came out to fight with him.

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