The Summit women’s event results 8/10/19: Title Changes

“The Summit” collaboration event of SHIMMER, RISE, SMASH Wrestling, and Femmes Fatales from Toronto, Ontario, Canada at The MET on 8/10/19:

This show will be posted up a few hours after it ends on RISE Ascent for $15. Dave Prazak is doing the play by play.

They did a couple of matches as part of their meet and greet before the main show. Max The Impaler beat Leah Vaughn. Alexia Nicole and Meave O’Farell beat Jody Threat and Mary Lee Rose.

Rosemary defeated KC Spinelli to become the first ever SMASH Wrestling Women’s Champion. Xandra Bale was the guest referee.

Dust vs. Delmi Exo ended up turning into a tag match when Dust jumped Exo. Ashely Vox ran out to help Exo (her sister and regular Tag Team partner) and Veda Scott also got involved.

Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo beat Dust and Veda Scott with the pin on Scott.

Delilah Doom beat Shotzi Blackheart by submission in a #1 con. match for the Phoenix of RISE Title currently held by Zoe Lucas.

Veda Scott has joined Prazak as color commentary on the broadcast.

Aerial Monroe won the Phoenix of RISE Title from Zoe Lucas by blocking the Scorpio Kick and using a sunset flip for the pin.

Lucas refused to hand over the title and tried to leave the building with it but Bull Nakano came out to stop her and hit her with what looked like nunchaku of some sort. Bull got the belt away from Lucas and gave it to Monroe and raised her hand in victory.

(Photo of Aerial Monroe from RISE


Priscilla Kelly won a 4-Way over Cheerleader Melissa, LuFisto, and and Allysin Kay by pinning LuFisto.

Femmes Fatales Champion Mercedes Martinez pinned Jordynne Grace after the fisherman buster on top of the title belt. Martinez taunted Grace for the loss after and then Grace punched her.

SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy beat Nicole Matthews by submission. Aerial Monroe came out to celebrate with Savoy after.

RISE owner Kevin Harvey told me several days ago that the RISE “Pride and Joy” event will remain posted on YouTube free for all to see. It’s worth checking out especially for the doors elimination match:

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