Ice Ribbon results 8/11/19

Ice Ribbon results from Niigata, Japan at Nishikawa Multipurpose Hall on 8/11/19:

Risa Sera, Tequila Saya, and Maya Yukihi beat Ibuki Hoshi, Suzu Suzuki, Banny Oikawa, and Thelka when Sera submitted Hoshi. Asahi was supposed to be in this to make it an even match but she suffered heatstroke during her match on yesterday’s show. They turned this into a handicap match with her out of action.

Kazumi Kikuta pinned Takayuki Suzuki after a fisherman buster.

Maika Ozaki pinned Akane Fujita after a senton in a tournament match for the vacant ICEx Title.

Giulia beat Satsuki Totoro by submission in a tournament match.

Tsukasa Fujimoto, Hamuko Hoshi, and Miyako Matsumoto beat Tsukushi, Kyuri, and Aika Ando when Fujimoto pinned Ando.

Niigata Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions Great Kojika and Shima Shigeno beat Makoto Maeda and Big THE Ryokan when Shigeno cradled Makoto for the pin.

Hiragi Kurumi pinned Matsuya Uno in a tournament match after a flying body press.


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