Ice Ribbon triple header results 8/15/19

Ice Ribbon results of a triple header in Tokyo, Japan at Ueno Park on 8/15/19.

12:00 show results-

Ibuki Hoshi went to the 3-minute time limit with Ishikawa in an exhibition match.

Tsukushi and Ram Kaicho beat Maika Ozaki and Suzu Suzuki when Tsukushi pinned Suzuki in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Matsuya Uno and Tsukasa Fujimoto beat Ibuki Hoshi and Asahi when Uno pinned Hoshi.

15:30 show results-

Hiragi Kurumi beat Ishikawa in an exhibition match.

Matsuya Uno pinned Satsuki Totoro with a school boy cradle in a Hardcore Match.

Hiragi Kurumi won a handicap match over Maya Yukihi and Suzu Suzuki with the fall on Suzuki.

Tsukasa Fujimoto won a 3-Way over Risa Sera and Hamuko Hoshi when the referee stopped the match in a hotdog eating contest match stipulation.

19:00 show results-

Tequila Saya beat Ishikawa in an exhibition match.

Tsukushi beat Ibuki Hoshi by submission.

Giulia won a 3-Way Match over Suzu Suzuki and Asahi by pinning them both. Tequila Saya was the guest referee and currently co-tag team champion with Giulia.

Matsuya Uno and Ram Kaicho beat Maika Ozaki and Thekla when Uno pinned Thekla.

Maya Yukihi and Akane Fujita beat Satsuki Totoro and Banny Oikawa when Yukihi pinned Totoro after a swanton bomb in a Summer Weapons Match.


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