WWN “Do or Die Showcase” results 8/18/19

WWN broadcast a free “Do or Die Showcase” event on all of their platforms from Port Richey, Florida at Gulf View Event Center on 8/18/19. This was a recruitment camp tryout show for the world to see:

Ring announcer Trevin Adams opened things up in the ring. He tried to interview Anthony Gutierrez. Mike Donovan interrupted so Karam could attack Gutierrez from behind.

Brandon Gore vs. Jastin Taylor

Taylor got the pin after a Falcon Arrow.

Adams is also doing play by play with Sean Davis on color commentary.

Camron Braa’nae vs. Kelsey Heather with the winner getting a spot on Evolve 133 in Livonia, Michigan on 8/24/19

Both women have the model looks and seemed to have athletic potential. The announcers said Heather was a cheerleader for the major sports teams in the Tampa area.

Braa’nae got the pin after stretching Heather’s arms back and delivering a big knee shot to the back.

Mat Rogers and Connor Braxton vs. Chris and Patrick Voros

Rogers and Braxton get the pin after a double team chokeslam finisher.

Karam (with Mike Donovan) vs. Cam Carter

Karam is from here in Michigan and he has worked for Detroit area groups CLASH Wrestling and XICW. He’s trained at Scott D’Amore’s CanAm Wrestling School across the bridge in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Karam gets the pin after a big spine buster. He was already pushed as a potential future major force to keep an eye on. Anthony Gutierrez ran out and cleared the ring after. He challenged Donovan in the main event.

Kirk Aube vs. Dean Cooper vs. Mongo vs. Alexander Thorne vs. Noah Gray vs. Weatherman Josh

Aube pinned Josh after a TKO.

Gauntlet Match:

Robert Baines vs. Leo King start things off.

Baines beats King with a clutch submission.

Aaron James vs. Robert Baines

Baines pinned James.

Chris Cruz vs. Robert Baines

Cruz immediately came in and rolled up Baines for the pin.

Ezra Zelous vs. Chris Cruz

Cruz pinned Zelous after a shining wizard.

Deget Bundlez vs. Chris Cruz

Bundlez pinned Cruz after a pump handle slam.

Scott Leduer vs. Deget Bundlez

Leduer spent more time trying to scare kids at ringside on his way to the ring. He was immediately pinned when he got in the ring finally.

Steve O’ Reno vs. Bundlez

O’Reno is a regular on the Texas indie circuit.

Bundlez pinned O’Reno to win the gauntlet.

Atticus Monroe came out and said he was supposed to wrestle a girl but he found a replacement.

Jenna Van Muscles (with Monroe) vs. Sammy

Muscles got the pin after a chokeslam as Monroe jumped on the ring to distract Sammy and the referee.

Connor Rielly vs. Elia Braatz vs. Manny Damingo vs. Justin Morales

Rielly got the win.

Hayley Shadows, Shawna Reed, and Chelsea Durden vs. Gia Roman, Rahne Victoria, and Lavender Skye

Skye got the pin on Shadows after a swanton bomb.

Mike Micas (with Travis Sams) vs. JDX

Sams got on the mic and said the match shouldn’t happen and JDX should join his stable instead. JDX refused and said he’ll make it to EVOLVE on his own. Micas then attacked him from behind.

JDX got the pin after a backpack stunner in what looked like a botched finish.

Mike Donovan (with Karam) vs. Anthony Gutierrez

Gutierrez won with a triangle submission choke. After the match Karam shouted that he would see him on the 8/24 show in Michigan.

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