WOW Season 2 Sneak Peak

AXS TV was gracious and let us see the first episode of WOW Season 2 which will debut on the network on 9/7/19 at 8pm EST.

We gave our word that we wouldn’t give away the results but we can share the episode card and the trailer for the season here:

In-Ring interview with David McLane and WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard

Jessie Jones (Jessie Belle Smothers) vs. Fire (Kiera Hogan)

The Disciplinarian (Ivory Robyn) vs. Sassy Massy (Alisha Edwards)

Video bio on Reyna Reyes

A really classy and professional historical segment with David McLane talking about Women’s Tag Team Champions from the 1950s up to the late 1980s with the legendary Jumping Bomb Angels vs. The Glamour Girls feud and then WOW’s Tag Team Champions in the early 2000s.

Fury (Harlow O’Hara) and Razor vs. Reyna Reyes (Gisele Shaw) and Princess Aussie in a WOW Tag Team Title Tournament Match

Havok (Jessicka Havok) vs. Jungle Grrrl vs. The Beast in a Triple Threat #1 con. match

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