SHINE 60 Results From Michigan 8/24/19

SHINE 60 results from Livonia, Michigan (a half hour west of Detroit) at Monaghan Knights of Columbus on 8/24/19 and live on FITE and Club WWN:

Trevin Adams opened the show in the ring and he was immediately cut off by Brandi Lauren and Natalia Markova. Lauren bragged that everyone knows who they are because they’ve recently been seen on the WWE Network (WWN has become a not very subtle company affiliate of WWE, so WWE is name-dropped at any opportunity). She said nobody knows who her opponent is and called Avery Taylor “trash”.

Lenny Leonard is the play by play announcer.

Brandi Lauren (with Natalia Markova) vs. Avery Taylor

Lauren gets the pin after Markova grabbed Taylor’s legs from the outside and Lauren used a rope hanging spinning neckbreaker for the win. Decent opener but no surprise in the results as Lauren is getting a big heel push in the company.

Leah Vaughn vs. Lindsay Snow

Vaughn came out a read a Canadian haiku to mock Snow and Detroit.

Snow gets the submission win the the kaiju clutch. Another solid match. After the match Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson attacked Snow but Aja Perera, Aerial Monroe, and Ayla made the save.

Aerial Monroe and Aja Perera (with Ayla) vs. Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson

Perera pinned Jameson after a double stomp in a fast paced finish as Monroe countered Belle.

Double D Rose vs. Holidead

Rose jumped Holidead before she could get in the ring. They brawled outside the ring for a little bit. Rose is wearing an eye patch and she looks like Christina Lindberg in “Thriller: A Cruel Picture”.

They went to a Double Disqualification after the referee was bumped twice. They continued to brawl into the crowd and out of the building after.

The first time the ref was bumped, Rose brought in a chair but Holidead grabbed it from her. She hit Rose on the backside with it but it had no effect. Rose then punched the chair into Holidead’s face.

Natalia Markova (with Brandi Lauren) vs. Nova Champion Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart wins after a Tiger Suplex followed up by a Cattle Mutilation submission. Very good match with a mix of fast paced and high impact action.

Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo vs. SHINE Tag Team Champions Lucious Latasha and Gabby Gilbert

Leonard immediately mentions that Santana Garrett is no longer with Latasha and Gilbert because she has signed with WWE. He wished her the best.

Exo and Vox came out to different theme music instead of their usual “Hooked On A Feeling” by Blue Swede. During the taped pre-show they did a promo from the east coast beer brewery that Vox works at in her day job.

Vox and Exo won by DQ when Gilbert and Latasha hit them with the belts to get intentionally disqualified. That’s been the story with the tag champions as they have been doing anything to retain.

After the match, Gilbert and Latasha gloated and congratulated Santana Garrett on going to NXT and they said they will join her there one day.

Ayla came out with Monroe and Perera. She said Monroe and Perera are #1 con. and they will challenge for the titles at SHINE 61 on 9/21/19 in Queens, N.Y. at La Boom. Trevin Adams came out and whispered something in her ear. She said the stipulation will be a Street Fight.

Ivelisse vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. SHINE Champion Allysin Kay in a Triple Threat

Kay said on the taped pre-show that she has the home area advantage.

Kay pounced Ivelisse out of the way then folded up Martinez for the pin right after for the win.

Ivelisse got in Martinez’s face after the match. Martinez said Ivelisse needed to calm down and they need to hash it out. Ivelisse gave her a big slap and Martinez returned fire. They got into a huge brawl around the building and they continued back in the ring. Several referees had difficulty pulling them apart. One referee yelled out for the locker room to come help.

Allysin Kay, Marti Belle, and Jayme Jameson watched from the aisle way with glee. They refused to get involved as the rest of the locker room tried to help the referees in the ring as the show went off the air.

This was a really entertaining show. It never dragged and all of the matches had a good energy. Paul Morrison wrote us from the venue and he said it came across the exact same way in person.

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