RipTide Wrestling doubleheader results 8/26/19

RipTide Wrestling held a doubleheader on 8/26/19 in Brighton, U.K. at the Open Air Theatre (outdoor venue). Here are the results:

Show 1-

Mike Bird beat Cassius by submission.

They announced Candy Floss would be out of action for the Pride of Brighton Tournament and Cassius would be her substitute in it.

Veda Scott pinned Gene Munny after Munny missed a moonsault.

Kurtis Chapman pinned Jordan Breaks after hitting him with a keyboard in a Pride of Brighton tournament match.

TK Cooper won a 3-Way Match over “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Cara Noir by pinning Noir after a splash.

Cassius pinned Chakara in a tournament match.

Kyle Fletcher and Chris Brookes beat Charli Evans and Millie McKenzie after double piledrivers for the pin.

RipTide Brighton Champion Chuck Mambo pinned Rampage Brown after a splash. After the match, Spike Trivet and Damon Moser attacked Mambo. TK Cooper made the save to set up a tag match for the second show.

Show 2-

Jordynne Grace pinned Rob Lias after the Grace Driver.

Ashmore won a 4-Way Match over The O.J.M.O., Paul Robinson, and Connor Mills by pinning The O.J.M.O.

Session Moth Martina and Rocky Mac beat Chief Deputy Dunne and Los Federales Santos Jr. when Martina got the pin after interference from Dave Benson Phillips as the referee had his back turned.

Lord Gideon Grey pinned David Starr after a low blow and lariat.

Spike Trivet and Damon Moser beat TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo. There was tension and mistiming between Cooper and Mambo at the finish.

Cassius pinned Kurtis Chapman after a DDT in the finals of the tournament to the first RipTide Pride of Brighton Champion.

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