DDT “Summer Vacation Memories 2019” Results 8/25/19

DDT’ results of their “Summer Vacation Memories 2019” on 8/25/19 from Tokyo, Japan at Korakuen Hall which aired live on DDT Universe. The replay On Demand is here: https://www.ddtpro.com/universe/videos/6911

Mad Paulie and Nobuhiro Shimatani vs. Shunma Katsumata and Akito vs. Masahiro Takahashi and Yukio Naya vs. Mizuki Watase and Naomi Yoshimura

Katsumata pinned Shimatani.

Kazuki Hirata and Hiroshi Yamato vs. King Potato Chips and Dragon Potato Mask (with Noriyuki Ishibashi of Frito Lay Japan)

One of the masked members of the Potato Chips team sure looked like Antonio Honda under the mask and Hirata and Yamato wondered who they were too.

Chips and Potato Mask get the win with a sleeper by Dragon on Hirata. The masked men were given free snacks for a year from Frito Lay Japan with their victory.

Dragon was definitely Honda as he had the same body language as the match went on and then he got on the mic in the middle of it and gave the same type of Honda promo and the poke to the eyes on everyone.

The Frito Lay representative got dragged in to the match and he gave his team snacks before the finish so they could become stronger.

Antonio Honda immediately came back out to the ring as himself because the ring announcer said someone was looking for him. Cody Hall came out. He said he’s been watching Honda and if Honda likes his family then he likes Honda. They will be partners on the 9/1/19 show in Osaka.

Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion Yuki Ueno vs. Puma King

Puma crawled up on the entrance way set up and waiting like a feline ready to pounce until Ueno came out. He leaped off the set down on Ueno for a near fall in the aisle way.

Puma gets the pin to win the title after the powerbomb off the ropes.

Su Yung and SAKI vs. Asuka and Makoto

Asuka and Makoto won an interesting one by DQ when SAKI and Yung bit the arms of the referee when he tried to take control of the match. Asuka and Makoto were also bit during the match and they got sprayed by red mist from the zombie duo as they tried to go high risk off the top rope.

SAKI looked like someone out of Jean Rollin movie with the elegant and lush horror makeup on as she stumbled around like a zombie.

Yung and SAKI tossed Asuka and Makoto out of the ring after the match. They then attacked a few of the male trainees at ringside and bit them too.

Makoto Oishi vs. Shinya Aoki

Aoki got the pin with a European Clutch. This was a good pure wrestling match from start to finish with lots of mat work. Oishi smiled in surprise afterwards and the two shook hands in respect.

Intermission- one of the fans in the front row is wearing an “INDEPENDENT” brand t-shirt. One of the DDT announcers is wearing a Chicago Cubs baseball hat.

HARASHIMA and Kazusada Higuchi vs. Soma Takao and Tetsuya Endo

HARASHIMA folded over into a jackknife pin to get the fall on Endo as Higuchi held Takao off on the outside.

There was a video announcement on the big screen for the Ultimate Party show on 11/3/19 with Kenny Omega and Riho vs. Antonio Honda and Miyu Yamashita on the card. The crowd popped and reacted in surprise when Omega was announced.

Konosuke Takeshita, Yukio Sakaguchi, Sanshiro Takagi, and Antonio Honda vs. Danshoku Dieno, Super Sasadango Machine, MAO, and Santino Marella

Marella came out using that name and to his old WWE theme music.

Takeshita pinned Machine with a school boy after Santino accidentally caught Machine in the mouth with the Cobra Glove.

Lots of comedy in this one as expected. The tags were made to Santino and Honda and everyone popped with excitement wanting them to square off. Santino was ready to fight but Honda did his routine where he acted like he tripped getting into the ring and hurt his knee. He got on the mic in English and told Santino that he was hurt but he wasn’t giving up. Then he told Santino and Santino’s team to gather around while he told them a story as he recovered.

Honda’s gimmick is he distracts opponents by pretending to get hurt and then he tells long winded fairytales to bore them so he can eventually poke them in the eyes for an advantage.

He poked everyone’s eyes but Santino’s. Santino stopped him by bringing out the Cobra Glove.

Santino accidentally got the Cobra Glove stuck in the exposed backside of Dieno’s and it caused the Cobra to act “angry and out of control” for the rest of the match. They all still had trouble calming the Cobra down after the match to the delight of little kids in the crowd.

After the match, Honda demanded Santino come back in the ring. He said his Fox can beat The Cobra. Santino was insulted and said The Cobra will win any time and he stormed off. They will have a singles match on the 8/30 show at Shinkiba 1st Ring.

Shinya Aoki jumped Takeshita from behind while he was still in the ring and choked him out. Aoki then casually took a picture of him as he was unconscious on the mat.

DDT Extreme Champion Jiro Kuroshio vs. Daisuke Sasaki in a Ladder Match

Kuroshio gave Sasaki a DVD off the top of the ladder to a table below.

Sasaki had Mad Paulie help set up a thick wooden board on top of two ladders below the belt hanging from above the ring to use as a bridge.

Kuroshio and Sasaki fought on the board for a little while then Kuroshio gave him a veritabreaker on it. Sasaki fell off to the mat.

Kuroshio grabbed the belt for the win.

HARASHIMA and Endo then appeared and they both made challenges for the Extreme Title. There will be a 3-Way Match with both facing Kuroshio on the 9/29/19 show.

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