NXT U.K. TakeOver: Cardiff Results 8/31/19 and NXT U.K. tapings

NXT U.K. Takeover: Cardiff results from Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom at the Motorpoint Arena and live on WWE Network on 8/31/19: https://watch.wwe.com

Rhea Ripley pinned Piper Niven after the RipTide in an match taped for NXT UK TV. Niven had an armband on to honor Lionheart (Adrian McCallum) who passed away in June.

Kassius Ohno pinned Sid Scala after an elbow strike in a match taped for NXT UK TV.

Noam Dar vs. Travis Banks

Dar gets the pin after a Nova Roller Shining Wizard.

They showed Kay Lee Ray backstage getting ready for her match later against Toni Storm.

Cesaro was interviewed backstage about his open challenge. Ilja Dragunov walked up and answered the challenge.

Cesaro vs. Ilja Dragunov

Cesaro got the pin and a big forearm shot and the Gotch Neutralizer. Very good physical match. The crowd was into everything and gave them a standing ovation. Cesaro acted like he was going to attack after the match but he shook hands and hugged Dragunov and gave him a pep talk in his ear.

Exotic Adrian Street and Miss Linda were shown in the front row and they’re looking great. They have a documentary about Street on the WWE Network. He looks like he could still gladly stretch someone even at 78!

NXT U.K. Tag Team Champions Zack Gibson and James Drake vs. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews vs. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey in a Triple Threat where anyone can tag anyone

The hometown guys of Webster and Andrews win the titles after Webster hit a shooting star press on Gibson just after Gibson was about to pin Andrews. Webster and Andrews celebrated with the crowd after.

Joe Coffey vs. Dave Mastiff in a Last Man Standing Match

The top rope was broken real early in the match as Mastiff whipped Coffey hard into the corner.

Coffey speared Mastiff through a table at ringside.

Mastiff did a cannonball and put Coffey through another table at ringside.

They brawled through the crowd and on the broadcast table of Vic Jospeh and Nigel McGuiness. They then went up to the kickoff show stage area to fight. They both fell off the stage and crashed into two tables below.

Coffey got the win after beating the 10 count at 9 by kicking a production crate away from Mastiff who was trying to hold on to it to get back to his feet.

Tegan Nox was shown at ringside.

NXT U.K. Women’s Champion Toni Storm vs. Kay Lee Ray

KLR won the title after a Dirty Bomb into the ropes and another Dirty Bomb in the middle of the ring.

KLR kicked out of the Tiger Driver from Storm earlier. Storm kicked out of a precious Dirty Bomb. Storm gave KLR a release German Suplex off the top rope. KLR did a flip dive off the top rope to Storm on the floor. KLR also honored the memory of Lionheart with her gear.

WWE U.K. Champion WALTER vs. Tyler Bate

WALTER pinned Bate after a lariat in a match that went over 40 minutes. The crowd gave Bate a standing ovation after and chanted “Thank You, Tyler!”

Bate managed to body slam WALTER and follow up with a flying shoulder tackle to knock him out of the ring.

WALTER gave Bate a powerbomb on the ring apron and another into a ring post. A medic came out to check on Bate but he was able to continue the match.

Bate gave WALTER an Exploder off of the ring as WALTER tried to give him another powerbomb. He followed with a series of leg drops and strikes back in the ring.

WALTER chopped Bate in the back as Bate came off the second rope. WALTER applied the Boston Crab and modified STF until Bate was able to get to the ropes.

Bate gave Walter an Exploder and standing shooting star but WALTER kicked out.

WALTER tried to powerbomb Bate but Bate turned it into a sunset flip for a near fall.

They fought on the top rope and Bate gave WALTER another Exploder for another near fall.

Bate was able to deadlift him for an airplane spin and he did it again for a Burning Hammer.

Bate with a Tiger Driver 97 for a near fall then a corkscrew splash off the top rope for another one.

WALTER with a big splash off the top for a near fall.

WALTER with a powerbomb but Bate kicks out at one.

If there happen to be more U.K. tapings after we’ll try to add them in if we get word. There will be full TV tapings tomorrow back at the same venue.

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