AEW All Out Results 8/31/19: First Champion Crowned

AEW results of All Out from Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States of America at Sears Centre Arena and live on B/R Live on 8/31/19:

The Buy In Show (free pre-show):

Nyla Rose won a Women’s Casino Battle Royale to earn a spot to determine the first AEW Women’s Champion on the TNT show October 2. She eliminated Britt Baker after Bea Priestley held Barker’s arm from the outside.

This was a cluster of a match. Rose was among the first “group of cards” to start off with Faby Apache, Priscilla Kelly, Leva Bates and Solandra Royale. She eliminated several people throughout the whole match and looked strong despite the negatives of the match.

They did comedy to start off with Bates looking like she was eliminated but Peter Avalon saved her on the outside and placed a bunch of books down so she could get back in the ring and both feet didn’t technically touch the floor.

Penelope Ford, Sadie Gibbs, Shazza McKenzie, Big Swole (RISE Champion Aerial Monroe), Britt Baker, Teal Piper, ODB, Nicole Savoy (SHIMMER Champion), Bea Priestley, Brandi Rhodes, Awesome Kong, Jazz, Ivelisse, Tenille Dashwood, and Allie were also in the respective “groups of cards” to come out. Many in the crowd knew who Big Swole was and they chanted her name.

Britt Baker left the ring apparently through the bottom rope and rushed Bea Priestley on the ramp when Priestley came out. She pounded Priestley down for giving her a concussion on the last AEW event. They fought at ringside for several minutes. You could see them fighting in the corner of the screen but the cameras never got a close up of them.

Mercedes Martinez was the Joker Card (last person out) and she received a huge reaction from the crowd.

Of course Brandi Rhodes was the only one allowed to get any big offense on Rose. She gave her a stunner. This, after people like Apache, Kelly, Dashwood, and Ford were treated like “cannon fodder” getting quickly eliminated.

Jack Evans and Angelico vs. Private Party

Private Party got the pin on Angelico after their Gin and Juice double team finisher. Evans and Angelico back jumped them after the match to try to injure them before the Tag Titles Tournament which will take place on TNT in October.

They aired a video (similar to the WWE “superhero” packages with Ali) on Wardlow taking out several potential muggers in an empty parking lot.

MJF did a backstage interview with a female interviewer (who wasn’t Alicia Atout). You could hardly hear it over the crowd. He seemed to telegraph a heel turn on Cody later based on his over the top sucking up and tone. He was asked about being Cody’s corner person. He laughed it off and walked away.

ALL Out:

Christopher Daniels, Scorpio Sky, and Frankie Kazarian vs. Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and Marko Stunt

SoCal Uncensored gets the pin on Jungle Boy after hitting the Best Meltzer Ever on him and Stunt smashed together. Lots of dives and high impact stuff. They all shook hands afterwards.

Kenny Omega vs. PAC

PAC wins by referee stoppage with The Brutalizer as Omega appeared to pass out in the hold. A long match with so much stuff that they couldn’t even get everything fit into the instant replay after the match.

Darby Allin vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Joey Janela in a Cracker Barrel Clash

This match is sponsored by the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain.

Havoc got the pin on Janela in a wild one after the Acid Rainmaker on one of the 50th Anniversary Crackle Barrels.

Janela and Allin teamed up at the start. They shoved thumbtacks into the mouth of Havoc and duck taped it shut.

Havoc was able to recover after several minutes on the outside. He gave paper cuts in Janela in the ring with a print out sheet with the AEW logo on it.

Janela gave Havoc a brainbuster on a set up chair in the ring then ran and gave Allin a sunset bomb off the ring and into a table below.

Allin had a skateboard with thumbtacks glued to the bottom of it. He gave Janela a double stomp off the top rope with it. The tacks stuck to Janela’s back and stayed that way for the rest of the match.

Allin gave Havoc a coffin drop through a table on the outside later on. He set up the steel steps and put Havoc on it. He went up to the top rope with another 50th Anniversary Cracker Barrel and did a coffin drop with it but Havoc moved out of the way and the barrel exploded on impact as Allin landed on the steps.

Best Friends (Trent Barreta and Chuck Taylor) vs. The Dark Order (Grayson and Uno)

Dark Order gets the pin on Trent after a double team finisher. Too long and stupid stuff involving the creepers before the finish. They were dragging Trent and Taylor out after the match and then the lights went out. When they came back on Orange Cassidy was in the ring. He did a big dive with his hands in his pockets and took out all of The Creepers. Trent and Chuck hugged him after for making the save.

Hikaru Shida vs. Riho with winner facing Nyla Rose for the inaugural women’s title on TNT on October 2

Riho got the pin with a roll up. Lots of near falls from both women. Several knee shots by Shida. Riho got in her regular double stomp to the midsection a few times. Rose came out in the entrance way and stared Riho down after the match.

Cody (with Brandi Rhodes, MJF, DDP, and Pharaoh) vs. Shawn Spears (with Tully Blanchard)

Spears came to the ring first with the chair he used to bust Cody open. Tully Blanchard followed him out several seconds later. Jim Ross kept putting over that Blanchard has the most wins over Dusty Rhodes than anyone else.

Cody and crew came out dress in Star Trek uniforms. Brandi was Seven of Nine from ST: Voyager. The referee said he could only have one second. He chose MJF.

Rhodes got the pin after a disaster kick into a chair and Cross Rhodes.

Cody did a dive on Spears to the outside at the start. Blanchard grabbed Cody and Cody punched him down.

Blanchard interfered on multiple occasions the whole time and MJF wasn’t much of a counter until near the end. He and Blanchard got in the ring and yelled at each other. Blanchard took off his jacket and threw it. MJF took off his scarf and threw it. They each grabbed each other by the neck.

There was chaos on the outside and Blanchard stomped away on MJF.

As referee Earl Hebner was distracted, Arn Anderson came out. Double A actually gave Spears a spine buster then walked to the back. Blanchard looked like he saw a ghost and followed him to the back.

After the match it looked like MJF was going to hit Cody with the chair but he threw it down and they celebrated it the ring.

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide Tag Team Champions Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. vs. The Young Bucks in a Ladder Match

Fenix and Pentagon win a classic. A really dangerous match with tons of dives and tables broken.

Fenix looked like he was going to be dumped off the ladder but he somehow landed on the top rope and did a moonsault off of it to people on the floor.

Pentagon did a sling blade by whirling himself around the ladder.

The Lucha Bros. did the Trapper Keeper (package piledriver and stomp combo) on one of the Bucks on a bridging ladder on the outside.

At one point Pentagon was unmasked by Matt Jackson for the longest time.

After the mask two guys came out in a Bill Clinton and JFK masks like in the 1990s movie “Point Break”. They attacked both teams. They unmasked and it was LAX fresh off of their end of contract with Impact Wrestling.

They announced a pay-per-view for Nov. 9 in Baltimore called “Full Gear”.

Chris Jericho vs. Hangman Adam Page to determine the first AEW World Champion

Page came out to the ring riding a horse.

Aubrey Edwards is the referee in charge. There is no time limit says ring announcer Justin Roberts.

Jim Ross says Edwards is the first ever female to referee a pay-per-view main event title match.

Jericho got the pin after the Judas Effect to become the first AEW World Champion in a hard fought physical match from both men.

Jericho was bloody over his left eye for a lot of the match as Page punched him hard in the face at one point.

The was an excellent pay-per-view and will be a top contender for event of the year.

Post Show on YouTube hosted by Alex Marvez and Excalibur wasn’t much.

Jericho wandered around backstage gloating and was upset nobody was throwing a champagne party for him. The Young Bucks were standing around and they looked like they wanted to congratulate him. He said he wouldn’t accept their thanks and congratulations anyway. He went off to the locker room and said he would party himself.

Adam Page did a somber press conference but you couldn’t really hear it. PAC came out and confronted him then he was held back by SoCal Uncensored before security pushed him out. Page said he was no longer taking questions and walked off.

Jericho was presented the AEW World Title in the locker room and the show quickly ended.

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