RISE “Regional Rising Stars” on FITE Results 9/1/19: Atlas vs. Kelly Dazzle

RISE results of their Midwest Tournament showcase event from Berwyn, Illinois at the Eagles Club and broadcasting live on FITE for just $10 on 9/1/19: https://www.fite.tv/watch/rise-rising-stars-tournament/2p0df/

Top job to whoever made the poster for the show. It looks like a poster from Jack Hill’s old movies and Double D Rose would fit right in with the Dagger Debs!

RISE owner Kevin Harvey opened the show in the ring with all of the competitors who will be in the tournament. He talked about some of the talent who have moved on to major companies and being a pipeline to those companies.

Lenny Leonard and Allysin Kay are the announcers. Veda Scott is apparently still in Europe.

Hawlee Cromwell vs. Laynie Luck in a tournament match

Luck got the pin after the UniCutter. Solid back and forth opener to set a nice tone for the show.

Sierra vs. Queen Aminata in a tournament match

Sierra got the with an armbar and extending Aminata’s fingers for the submission. The crowd booed hoping Aminata was going to win.

They announced Cassandro El Exotico vs. Saraya Knight for the 11/1/19 show in Berwyn.

Valentina Loca vs. Max the Impaler

Loca is from New Mexico and she came out in a hazmat suit looking like a Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in “Breaking Bad”.

Max gets the pin after a huge spear. Loca hung in there a lot longer than usual.

Elayna Black vs. Sophie King in a tournament match

King got the pin with a choke bomb.

Parrow came out with a menacing look on his face and slowly walked to the ring. Security tried to stop him but he tossed them with ease. He power bombed a female security guard into the ring post.

Parrow got in the ring and gazed at King. She showed no fear and fought him but her strikes had no effect as he just stood still. He grabbed her and power bombed her down to all of the security on the floor.

Effy came out and tried to get in Parrow’s good graces. He said they should team up in their “gayness” and run the place. Parrow looked like he was going to go after him then acted confused and just left the ring in disgust.

Effy brushed the situation off and said he was going to have an LGBTQ Showcase.

Effy vs. Devon Monroe

Effy won by submission with the Dragon Queen Sleeper. After the match Effy asked Monroe to join him as he’s apparently trying to build an LGBTQ heel stable. He changed his mind and batted Monroe around and said he doesn’t hang with losers. (Monroe had another impressive showing here)..

Kikyo came out and made her return to RISE after being out with a leg injury that she suffered in STARDOM over a year ago.

Of course Effy mocked her and said she used to be a big deal in the company but they just cast her aside.

Kikyo slapped him in the face, splashed him in the corner, and gave him a michinoku driver. Effy ran away in shock.

Priscilla Kelly vs. Jake Atlas

Atlas got the pin after a super kick and double arm DDT after Kelly had just kicked out of the LGB-DDT.

They absolutely tore the house down as a lot of people knew they would. Definitely worth the price of $10 alone. Both of them should be signed to a major company because they are both incredibly talented. I know they both have busy schedules around the world but this should have been the main event.

They started off with very quick counters and exchanges in the ring then things moved to the outside. Kelly did a dive through the ropes on Atlas followed by a senton off the ring and a flying body press off the top rope.

Back in the ring Kelly connected with a missile drop kick.

Atlas gave Kelly a release German suplex and followed up with a big knee strike in the corner.

They fought on the ring apron and Kelly gave him the STO on it. Atlas looked like he may have had the wind knocked out of him because there were some pauses in a couple of inside cradle spots after it.

Kelly locked in a grounded submission but Atlas would not give up. He powered out and gave her a DVD type of move to get out of it.

The crowd gave a standing ovation and chanted “PK” after.

Laynie Luck vs. Sierra in a semifinal tournament match

Luck got the pin after the UniCutter off the second rope. Hard fought match and they worked hard but so tough to follow the last match.

Max the Impaler vs. Sophie King

Max got the pin after the spear in about 4 seconds. King didn’t come out at first when she was announced. The ring announcer said she must answer the call or else the match would be forfeited and Max would automatically advance. King limped out to the ring to sell the attack from Parrow earlier.

Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh vs. Dust, Rosemary, and Raven’s Ash in an Anything Goes Match

Havok and Nevaeh got the pin after putting Rosemary through a tin trash can.

They immediately charged after each other at the start in the entrance way. They brawled all around the building.

Double D Rose Open Challenge

Phoenix of RISE Champion Big Swole came out to answer the challenge. She told D Rose that she would put up the title against her.

Phoenix of RISE Champion Big Swole vs. Double D Rose

Big Swole folded her up for the pin in a good one after first not being able to power D Rose over in a crucifix attempt. Her family came out to congratulate her after the win. Her father looked like her could be a pro wrestler too.

D Rose connected with the hip attack in the corner during the match but the referee refused to count as Big Swole was in the ropes.

Big Swole was in the AEW women’s battle royal last night and many in the AEW crowd knew who she was and they chanted her name.

Max the Impaler vs. Laynie Luck in the tournament final

Luck got the pin after the UniCutter out of the corner to win the tournament.

RISE owner Kevin Harvey came out with a humble speech and told Luck he can’t give her a million dollars as an independent promoter for winning but he can give her the first spot in the ladder match which will take place on the 11/1/19 show.

This was a really quick moving show that got so much in at a two hours and ten minutes running time. It looked like a decent crowd on TV especially with so much going on in the Chicago area this weekend. From what I understand many of the RISE crew and fans will be heading over to the Warrior Wrestling show in Chicago Heights tonight.

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