Warrior Wrestling 6 Results 9/1/19

Warrior Warrior 6 results from Chicago Heights, Illinois at Marian Catholic High School on 9/1/19 and airing live on Highspots Network: https://www.highspotswrestlingnetwork.com

Rich Bocchini is the play by play announcer. Nick Hausman is color.

Templario vs. Soberano Jr.

Soberano Jr. is working hurt with a big support brace on his left shoulder that almost looks like a sling.

Soberano gets the pin after two driving tombstones in an incredible opener. Soberano was still flying all over the ring with dives and splashes. Templario gave him an avalanche powerbomb and pop up powerbomb. They took out the cameraman for a couple seconds in all of the action. Soberano was real slow getting up after the match. They shook hands.

Gringo Loco came out and praised both guy and then jumped them from behind. Sam Adonis came out with a chair to help him.

Adonis got on the mic and said he and Loco are made at Warrior Wrestling for bringing in people from Mexico when he and Loco are American Luchadors.

Brian Pillman Jr. and Wardlow came out and chased after Adonis and Loco. A tag team match was made.

Wardlow and Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Sam Adonis and Gringo Loco

Rich noted that Wardlow is the newest addition to AEW.

Adonis pinned Pillman after Loco cracked Pillman in the back with a chair from the outside and the referee didn’t see it. The crowd booed big time.

Adonis used Loco as a stooge starting off tagging him in and out when it was convenient for him.

Wardlow and Pillman held Adonis up for a long time in a double team delayed suplex. They also gave Loco a Doomsday Device.

Atlantis vs. Ultimo Guerrero vs. Caristico

Caristico submitted Guerrero to La Mistica. Rich put it over as a huge upset that a top champion of CMLL was beaten like this in Chicago.

Sam Adonis and Gringo Loco attacked after the match again but Soberano Jr. and Templario made the save. All the tecnicos did moves on Adonis and Loco to send them out of the ring.

Tom Lawlor vs. Killer Kross

Kross got the pin after a powerbomb as Lawlor had him in a triangle choke.

This was a mix of mat wrestling and big power moves between the two. Lawlor got Kross on his shoulders and did an airplane spin turned in a DVD. Lawlor got Kross into a rear naked choke a couple of times and Kross turned it into the Doomsday Saito.

They shook hands at the start and Kross bowed to him after the match and bowed to the crowd.

Alex Zayne vs. Lance Archer

Archer got the pin after the EBD claw hold.

Austin Aries (with UFC legend Frank Mir) vs. Alex Shelley

Aries beat Shelley by referee stoppage when Aries had him in a choke submission. Good fast paced back and forth match. Frank Mir was a total non factor and he just stood in the corner.

After the match Aries got on the match and told Shelley to shake his hand. He said they first met 15 years ago and they changed the landscape “and now we’re old and shit”. He praised Shelley and told him that he’s still got it because he never lost it even after a hiatus. He pointed to Mir and told Shelley that Mir was a “new student”.

Shelley got on the mic and thanked Aries for the words and said Aries didn’t have to say anything. He thanked the crowd. He told them a year ago he said he was done with wrestling because it was like a drug. He said he doesn’t mean it as something to offend people, but he said fans are like the supplier that gives the high. He said he will continue to wrestle as long as people still think he can. He said fans need to still support the wrestlers of his generation and the new generation.

The ring announcer said Frank Mir would take pictures in the ring with fans for $20 at intermission.

Intermission- for viewers at home they’re showing past Warrior Wrestling women’s matches. They’re airing Jordynne Grace vs. Kylie Rae. When they introduced it, Hausman said “a lot of people are taking about Kylie Rae” now. (She asked for contract release from AEW and was granted it with reports that she’s quit pro wrestling entirely)…

Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix vs. Daga and Tessa Blanchard

The Lucha Bros. got the pin on Blanchard after their package piledriver and double stomp finisher. Daga was taken out on the outside into the guardrail.

This was a relatively short match but no shortage of action from start to finish. It’s amazing that Pentagon and Fenix can even walk today after the AEW Ladder Match with The Young Bucks last night.

Blanchard and Daga do a double team where she gives a code breaker and Daga runs up from behind and gives a back stabber.

Fenix gave Blanchard a running powerbomb.

Fenix and Pentagon did a version of The Dudley Boy’s “Whazz Up” as Pentagon came off the top rope and stomped Blanchard in the crotch.

Frank the Clown segment with Mick Foley

Frank came out to the ring with guys dressed up like Dude Love, Mankind, and Cactus Jack.

Foley came out and stood and embarrassingly listened as Frank bragged about dating Noelle Foley for the last five years. Frank took off his jacket and had an outfit on like “Ravishing” Rick Rude with Noelle’s pictures all over it.

Foley gave him Mr. Socko in the mouth. He got in the mic and said he can see the future and Frank won’t be having any kids. He brought out a pair of tongs and used him on Frank’s crotch. He then gave a leg drop between the legs of Frank. Then he brought out a barb wire bat and put it between Frank’s legs and gave another leg drop.

He brought out a can of gasoline and poured it all over Frank. He was going to light him on fire but several students ran in acting as security to stop stop him. He got on the mic and convinced them to do it and they literally parted the way to give him a clear path.

The fake Foley characters returned and pulled Frank out of the ring to safety.

Foley got on the mic and joked that the pay off end to the whole thing wasn’t satisfying like a WWE pay-per-viewer. He thanked the crowd and put over Warrior Wrestling and got the crowd to do a “wrestling” chant.

Andrew Everett vs. Dragon Lee

Rich said Lee had a delayed flight and just got to the show a little while ago and he has a flight out of Illinois at 1am.

Lee got the win but there were technical difficulties and I didn’t see how.

Warrior Wrestling Champion Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin

Cage got the pin after the drill claw.

Elgin gave Cage an Elgin Bomb off the top rope through a table during the match.

Cage got on the mic after the match and said he’d be seeing Sami Callihan real soon.

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