Sabotage Wrestling “Vendetta” Results 8/31/19

Sabotage Wrestling results New Braunfels, Texas, United States at Kings and Queens Ballroom on 8/31/19 and broadcasting on Highspots Wrestling Network:

The announcers are Jason Harris and Melissa Foss. Nastico, the heel manager of The Renaissance, joined them unexpectedly at the table. He said he was just there as an observer and spectator to see that everything goes down the middle. Harris sounds like Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz.

They did a pre-show running down the card and Nastico did not stay to make it a 3-Man team.

Stew Myrick of The Horn spots radio station in Texas then joined commentary. He is one of the announcers in Inspire Pro Wrestling and the host of the weekly Sports Guys Talking Wrestling show on The Horn.

Now Stew leaves and it remains a two person booth.

Heavy Metal Wrestling TV Champion Joe Demaro (with Nastico) vs. Chris Cruz

They wrestled for a couple a couple of minutes and a masked man ran in and attacked both men. He unmasked and it was Jordan LenX.

Len-X said he was tired of being passed over and left off cards so he was just going to show up and take on men or women. A guest GM who’s normally one of the referees said GM Roxxy Castillo was sick so he was in charge. He made it a 3-Way.

Demaro pinned Cruz to retain after a DDT when Cruz took Len-X out with a knee shot off the top rope.

Jenna Lynn vs. Raychell Rose

Rose got the pin after a superkick when she pulled Lynn’s head band down over her eyes to temporarily blind her. It looked like Lynn had it won after a DDT but Rose got her feet on the rope. Lynn put on the headband to give her the Kung Fu power up boost.

Rok-C vs. Alex Gracia

Rok-C got the pin after a roll up. Gracia offered a handshake which I thought was going to be a heel turn but it wasn’t. They shook hands and that was it.

Sabotage Wrestling Tag Team Champions Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo (with Nastico) vs. Phoebe and Baby D.

Vox and Exo both pinned Phoebe after a Doomsday Device.

Phoebe and D. dominated the first several minutes. Vox tried to hit D. with a couple of flying cross body blocks but it had no effect. Phoebe used D. as a springboard to connect with a corner splash.

Phoebe took out both heels and Nastico with a plancha to the outside. Nastico grabbed Phoebe’s leg as she was trying to get back in the ring and the referee saw it. The referee ejected Nastico and he took out his wallet to offer her a bribe but she refused him and made him go to the back.

Vox and Exo were able to get the advantage of Phoebe as the referee was distracted with Nastico. They isolated Phoebe for a bit until she made the hot tag to D.

D. with a huge off the shoulder powerbomb to Vox. D. was able to suplex Vox and Exo over at the same time.

Vox and Exo slammed D. off the second rope as she was trying to Samoan Drop them both. They rolled her out of the ring before the finish.

Delilah Doom vs. Ali Bama in a Fans Bring the Weapons Street Fight

Doom pinned Bama after powerboming her off the ropes straight through a table Bama set up between two chairs in the ring. Doom picked her up and hugged her after.

They ended up fighting on the bar and the bartender handed them drinks and they drank. Doom spit it in the face of Bama. Bama gave her a forearm shot then slid off the bar but got right back up to give a DDT.

Bama dragged Doom back in the ring and hit her with a kendo stick.

Doom gained control and used a Camel Clutch with the stick across the throat of Bama but she wouldn’t give up.

Sunset bomb by Bama out of the corner for a two count. A fall away slam and a forward rolling slam by Bama followed up by a splits leg drop but it doesn’t keep Doom down.

Bama brought out a bag and dumped several VHS tapes in the ring to use as new and clever weapons. Doom’s gimmick is she’s supposed to be a 1980s aerobics instructor like Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons.

Bama choked her with the actual tape instead of a cassette then hit her over the head with the cassette. The announcers joked that some may not know what VHS tapes are.

Doom bulldogs Bama into the VHS pile then uses a cassette to giving running shots to Bama’s face with it.

A monkey flip out of the corner by Bama to Doom into the tapes.

Bama tried to rush Doom but Doom hits her in the face with a VHS. Fans chanted “VHS!” briefly.

Bama brought in a big board from under the ring and propped it up between two chairs. She tried to superplex Doom through the table but Doom counters for the finish.


Erica Torres vs. Barrett Brown

They went to a Double Count Out.

Torres with a Midnight Express goozle roll as Brown tried to get back in the ring followed by a senton off the apron.

Back in the ring Torres was able to lift him on her shoulder and powerslam him. It was all Torres with a release German Suplex and spine buster.

Brown got to his feet and hit a back hand strike and gave her a half nelson suplex but she landed on her feet and charged him. He finally got some big offense in with a brainbuster.

Brown with a superkick as Torres comes off the ropes.

Torres escapes off the ropes as Brown was setting her up for something off them. She superkicks him in the face and followed up with a dropkick to his feet as his was perched backwards on the second rope. She picked him up and gave him a rotating powerbomb.

Torres was getting frustrated and picked him up in a backbreaker but he slipped away. After a couple of quick exchanges he gave her a big knee shot to send her out of the ring. He went for a dive but she caught him with a forearm.

They brawled outside the ring to the 10 count then brawled to the back.

War of the Genders Champion GPA vs. Shotzi Blackheart

They said GPA won the title several weeks ago from Blackheart at a Bizzaro Lucha show as Blackheart had been defending the title in other promotions around the country.

Blackheart regained the title with the pin after the top rope senton. GPA tried to hit her with the belt but she avoided it with a kick to the head and then springing off the ropes to him a destroyer.

This makes Blackheart a two time War of the Genders Champion and she was the inaugural champion.

They did tons of fast paced and innovative stuff I couldn’t take notes on it all.

Jordynne Grace vs. Joey Ryan

Grace pinned Ryan with a pump handle driver into a pile of Blow Pops.

Grace tossed Ryan around the ring by his chest hair. She gave him an inverted atomic drop but his “indestructible crotch” ended up hurting her knee and she rolled out of the ring to recover.

Grace with exploding offense on Ryan in the corner with a running double knee shot to the back, a running back elbow, and a Vader Bomb.

Ryan gets in the Boob Plex but she fights him off when he tries to get her to touch his crotch and gives him a spine buster.

They collided with each other and she fell face first into his crotch and he was able to apply the YouPorn Plex. She kicked out and Ryan was shocked telling the crowd “That’s my move!” He left the ring and brought in a bag from under the ring. They were Blow Pops and he poured them in the ring.

Ryan tried to give Grace another YPP in the pile of Blow Pops but she blocked it and gave him a Grace Driver but he kicked out.

After the match Ryan told the crowd to have some Blow Pops. The ring crew came in with brooms to sweep the candy towards the edge of the ring for fans to collect them.

Sabotage Wrestling Champion Hyan vs. ROH Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein

Nastico joined back on commentary. He manages Hyan.

Klein gets the pin after a driver. Klein gave her a jaw breaker when Hyan tried it to give her the Beauty Sleep finisher. Klein tried to shake hands after but Hyan pushed her away.

The ring announcer didn’t announce Hyan as the Sabotage Champion. The announcers wondered why this is for the WOH Title and not both titles. Nastico said Klein didn’t deserve a title shot.

Hyan cut a heel promo and confirmed that the match was only for WOH Title. Klein said the only reason Hyan is getting a shot is because she’s allowing it because she seeks out the best to defend it against.

They started off giving each other shoulder tackles and Klein won the battle knocking Hyan out of the ring.

Hyan whipped Klein back first hard into the turnbuckles and got her in a bow and arrow hold.

Klein tried to give her a back breaker on the knee but her back gave out. Hyan capitalized and continued to work on her back.

Klein nailed a German Suplex but hurt her back in the process.

Hyan locks in a Boston Crab but Klein makes it to the ropes. Hyan follows up with a running knee shot to the head in the corner.

The next Sabotage Wrestling event is 11/16/19 back in New Braunfels with Kelly Klein, Shotzi Blackheart, Alex Gracia, Faye Jackson, ASF, and Mysterious Q. announced. Tickets are available here:


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