ROH “Global Wars Espectacular” Results 9/8/19

ROH “Global Wars Espectacular” results from Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Potawatomi Casino on 9/8/19 and live on Honor Club and FITE:

Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, and Colt Cabana are the broadcast team.

Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas vs. PCO and Brody King

PCO and King pinned Milonas after PCO’s moonsault as Vinny Marseglia ran down and pushed Bruiser off the top rope.

Bruiser did the big splash off the top rope on everyone on the floor during the match. He tried to give King a running cannonball but King moved and he hit the guardrail. King and PCO then double teamed Milonas in the ring.

Milonas gave both guys a crossbody and made the tag to Bruiser. Bruiser gave PCO an elbow off the ropes, which knocked PCO out of the ring, and then a senton off the apron.

ROH TV Champion Shane Taylor vs. Dysfunction

Taylor got the pin in a couple of minutes after a shoulder breaker. He told Dysfunction before the match that he didn’t even have to pin him or submit him to win the title. All he had to do was last five minutes.

WOH Champion Kelly Klein and Stacy Shadows vs. Angelina Love and Mandy Leon

Klein pinned Love after a DDT. Leon sprayed the hairspray in Klein’s face after and Love gave Klein a DDT then held up the WOH Title.

Shadows slammed Love around a few times during the match then Love rolled out of the ring and wanted to leave with Leon for a count out. Klein blocked them from walking out of the match then Shadows gave them a double clothesline. Love was rolled back in the ring but Leon grabbed Shadows and threw her into the guardrail. Love and Leon isolated and double teamed Shadows in their corner. Leon did a dive off the apron to Shadows before the finish.

Backstage, some members of the locker room walked up and shook hands with Rhett Titus. Kenny King seemed jealous of Titus’ popularity. Titus made a joke about King accidentally running into the camera in Dearborn the other night.

Joe Hendry vs. Marty Scurll

Scrull got the submission win with the chicken wing when Dalton Castle’s music played. Castle appeared on stage and he was held by three guys in masks. It was more than enough to distract Hendry for the finish.

Brian Johnson came out and ranted about being left off the card and being eliminated from the Top Prospect Tournament again.

The lights went out and Maria Manic appeared. Johnson gave her a chop to the chest but it had no effect and she looked shocked that he even had the guts to hit her. Security ran out to separate them and Johnson bailed. Manic once again beat up the security guards by putting one in a backbreaker and giving another a chokeslam.

Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham vs. Silas Young and Josh Woods

Young pinned Lethal after Misery. Gresham slid in a chair and it distracted Lethal because he didn’t want to use it. Woods then grabbed Gresham and held him so he couldn’t make the save.

After the match Gresham yelled at Lethal. He said all he had to do was use the chair and they could have won. Lethal said that’s not how they are going to do things to win. The argument got more heated and they ended up coming to blows. Security came out to separate them. Lethal told security to let Gresham go and they did. He tried to smooth things over but Gresham sucker punched him and they fought again.

Gresham said Lethal was weighing him down as he headed to the locker room while security held Lethal back from going after him.

Triton vs. Flip Gordon vs. PJ Black

Black pinned Triton after a springboard 450 Splash.

Black dropped kicked Gordon in the face as Gordon was trying to come in the ring with a chair. Gordon was sent to the outside and Black followed up with a dive through the ropes on him. Triton then did a springboard moonsault on both of them.

Gordon hurt his knee after Black gave him a monkey flip and he was taken to the back. It turned into a one on one match and Ian said “It doesn’t look like Flip Gordon will be a factor in the outcome of this match”. Of course Gordon came back less than two minutes later and he wasn’t hurt at all.

Black gave both guys a springboard moonsault for a two count.

Triton gave Gordon a Spanish Fly and then both guys a splash off the top rope for a two later on.

Gordon unasked Triton and then brought in a chair to use as the referee was helping Triton with the mask. Tracy Williams ran in and stopped him from using the chair and they chased after each other to the back leaving Triton and Black alone just before the finish.

Volador Jr., Stuka Jr., and Caristico vs. Rey Bucanero, Okumura, and Hechicero

Volador Jr. pinned Hechicero after the Volador Special.

Caristico did a dive through the legs of Stuka Jr. into Bucanero and Okumura on the outside. Stuka Jr. then immediately followed up with a moonsault on everyone on the floor.

Hechicero gave Volador a splash right to the back as Volador was caught up in the ropes.

Ian Riccaboni said the CMLL 86th Anniversary event is 9/27/19 which is the same night as the ROH ppv. He said they are in talks to try to get the CMLL show posted up tape delayed with English commentary on Honor Club.

Silas Young and Josh Woods came out to the ring. Fans chanted “Happy Birthday” at Young and he didn’t like them making a fuss. He said he’s trying to give back to the wrestling business so he took Woods under his wing. He asked for The Bouncers to come out to the ring.

Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas came out. Young said it’s their hometown and he wants to put their differences aside. Bruiser said he’s glad that he’s willing to talk again and it’s good to see him doing his own thing now with Woods. He asked the fans to sing for Young’s birthday.

Red balloons appeared and Young attacked Bruiser while Vinny Marseglia ran in with a chair and hit Milonas from behind. Woods would not join them in the attack and tried to talk sense into Young but Young wouldn’t listen. Woods was confused. He didn’t save The Bouncers but he stayed out of assaulting them.

Marseglia shoved a wrench in Bruiser’s mouth and he was bleeding from the mouth. He spit the blood in Vinny’s face then Vinny hit him in the head with the wrench. Bruiser lost a tooth in the situation and Vinny held it up to show the camera.

Woods continued to try to talk to Young. Young told him “This is what you signed up for!”

Bandido, Mark Haskins, and Tracy Williams vs. Barbaro Cavernario and ROH World Tag Team Champions Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe

Haskins pinned Mark Briscoe after a flying double stomp. Williams gave Mark a piledriver as Haskins and Bandido kicked Mark on the way down. Williams then took Jay out with a baseball slide drop kick to stop him from getting back in the ring and Bandido did a moonsault off the top rope to Cavernario on the floor.

Rush and Jeff Cobb vs. ROH World Champion Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia

Cobb pinned Marseglia after the Tour of the Islands.

Marseglia ruined the post match celebrating by knocking Cobb off the ropes to the floor. Taven cut a promo and said he’s waited a long time to add Rush to his list of Melvins. Rush threw him back in the ring and was going to give him the Bull’s Horn but Marseglia grabbed his leg from the outside to stop him. Taven then hit Rush with the title and had Marseglia hold him in place in the corner so he could deliver a Bull’s Horn of his own on him. The show ended with Taven standing tall.

Marseglia came out before the match still holding Beer City Bruiser’s lost tooth from the attack earlier.

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