TOKYO Joshi Results 9/15/19

TJPW results from Tokyo, Japan at Ryogoku KFC Hall on 9/15/19 and live on DDT Universe:

Ring announcer Sayuri Namba announced that there will be a special event on 9/23/19 which will be a ticket pre-sale for the 1/4/2020 show at Korakuen Hall. She announced Pom Harajuku vs. Mirai Maiumi, Himawari Unagi vs. Suzume, Yuki Kamifuku and Mahiro Kiryu vs. Raku and Hikari Noa as matches for 9/23.

Rika Tatsumi vs. Suzume

Tatsumi won by submission with a Dragon Sleeper. She checked on Suzume after the match and hugged her.

They started chain wrestling then Tatsumi got her in a single leg lock. Suzume scooted her way across the ring and reached the bottom rope to break the hold. Tatsumi gave an elbow drop to the leg.

Tatsumi gives a shin breaker but Suzume escapes between her legs on another attempt.

Suzume came off the top rope so fast I couldn’t tell if it was a crossbody or missile drop kick but it connected.

Suzume with a couple of inside cradles for a near fall.

Tatsumi with a hip attack and then she locks in a figure four.

Yuki Aino and YUMI vs. Mahiro Kiryu and Raku

Aino pinned Kiryu after a gut wretch suplex as YUMI held Raku on the outside to stop her from making the save.

Nodoka Tenma vs. Himawari Unagi vs. Pom Harajuku

Tenma pinned Harajuku after a pop up Samoan Drop. Tenma had sent Unagi to the outside several seconds before after a bulldog from the second rope.

Tenma with a diving body press on Harajuku but Unagi breaks it up and Harajuku rolls to the outside.

Unagi with a chin lock on Tenma but Harajuku comes back in and tries to cradle them both for the pin.

Miyu Yamashita vs. Mirai Maiumi

Yamashita got the spin after a spin kick. Lots of on the mat wrestling for most of the match until Yamashita got a burst of energy and delivered some knee strikes and kicks.

Sakisama vs. Yuki Kamifuku

Sakisama used the Versailles foot choke for the submission win. Kamifuku cut a promo after saying she’s been striving to be like Sakisama. Sakisama said she looks forward to seeing progress and then she threw down the mic.

Kamifuku was shrewd during the match. She hit Sakisama in the face to get out of a submission hold early on then quickly left the ring and ran under it. Sakisama looked around the building to see where she went. Kamifuku suddenly ran out with a bunch of streamers and piled them all on Sakisama to blind her vision as she brought her back to ringside. Later in the match they were exchanging blows. Sakisama expected to be hit with another one but Kamifuku poked her in the eyes instead.


Miu Watanabe vs. Hikari Noa

Noa got the pin after a uranage throw.

They were evenly matched. Noa got in her winding roll. Watanabe did the giant swing. They exchanged inside cradles for near falls.

Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki, and Natsumi Maki vs. Yuna Manase, Maki Ito, and Mina Shirakawa

Sakazaki pinned Shirakawa after the Magical Merry Go Round. Mizuk and Maki set up the finish by each giving Shirakawa a flying body press off the top rope rope. Maki looked like she hurt her back on the way down.

Shirakawa was wearing the BBJ Women’s Title that she won a couple of weeks ago in a tournament to become the first BBJ Women’s Champion. The belt is almost as big as she is.

Ito gave Sakazaki the middle finger so Sakazaki bit the finger.

Princess of Princess Champion Shoko Nakajima vs. Misao

Nakajima got the pin after the diving senton.

Nakajima cut a promo after and Yuka Sakazaki came out to challenge her for a future title shot. They were friendly to each other and shook hands. The match will take place on the big 11/3 Ultimate Party show.

The next show is tomorrow (9/16) at 15:00 back at KFC Hall and also live on DDT Universe.

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