Lucha Libre AAA Results From NYC 9/15/19 On FITE

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide “AAA Invading N.Y.” results from New York City, New York at the Hulu Theatre on 9/15/19 airing on FITE:

I didn’t get to see this show live on Sunday with so much other wrestling to cover. Portions of this broadcast will now air on AXS TV on 9/21/19 at 8pm EST in a deal that was announced yesterday.

Melissa Santos was brought in as a bilingual ring announcer and Jesus Zuniga spoke in Spanish in an MC role. Hugo Savinovich and Matt Striker are the English speaking play by play and color announcers. Jose Manuel Guillen is on the Spanish version broadcast.

Impact Wrestling is involved as co-promoter of the event.

Demus and Dave The Clown vs. Chris Dickinson and Mascarita Dorada

Dorada pinned Demus after his spinning satellite head scissors into a cradle.

Demus and Dorada started it off with a series of quick arm drags and head scissors. Demus went to the outside and Dorada looked like he was going for a dive through the ropes on him but Dave cut him off with a kick.

Dave and Dickinson were one on one for a bit then Demus came back in to help Dave in a double team.

Dorada is back in and he sprung up and tried to give Dave a hurricanrana, but Dave powerbombed him down with ease.

Dorada flew off the top rope to the outside on Demus and caught him with flying head scissors.

Dickinson gives Dave a piledriver in the ring but it’s only good for two. He tried to go for another but Dave grabbed him by the throat and gave him a throwback choke slam which looked impressive.

Josh Alexander, Michael Elgin, and Sami Callihan vs. Murder Clown, Drago, and Faby Apache

Elgin got the pin on Murder Clown after a low blow and an Elgin Bomb out of the corner. Alexander grabbed Murder from the outside to set up the finish.

Team Impact attacked at the opening bell. Callihan stomped away at Apache.

Murder flew off the top rope and gave Alexander a crossbody block. Seconds later, Alexander set Murder up in the ropes and gave him a running crossbody block which sent both of them to the floor.

Quick back and forth action between Elgin and Drago until Elgin slowed it down with a forearm shot. Drago was going for a dive to the outside but Alexander ran in and gave him a punch to the gut.

Apache, with an assist from Drago gives Elgin a dropkick, which sends Elgin to the outside. Drago then cannonballed on Elgin and Alexander to the outside.

Callihan spit in Apaches face and tried to give her a piledriver but she escaped and ducked a clothesline. She gave him a head scissors. She tried to dive to the outside but Callihan blocked her from the outside. She gave him a dropkick then quickly ran out of the ring to the apron and flew off of it with a senton on him.

Team Impact gets Apache back in the ring and they each take turns giving her a series of corner splashes. She knocked Callihan down with a kick then tried to go after Elgin but he gave her a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Magic Killer DDT type of double team by Elgin and Alexander on her.

Missile dropkick by Apache to Elgin, which stumbled him a little, but he returns fire with a dropkick of his own.

Apache with a satellite arm bar then a cradle to Callihan but he escapes and she’s able to finally get the tag to Murder Clown. Murder sends Callihan down with a couple of clotheslines.

Team AAA tries to get a triple pin but everyone kicks out.

Elgin caught Apache in her crossbody attempt as Drago was on his back and he gave them both a fall away slam.

Drago gave Elgin a hurricanrana off the ropes as Elgin tried to powerbomb him. Apache immediately swooped in and gave Elgin a Canadian Destroyer.

Apache gave Alexander a sunset bomb off the ropes then followed up with a Shining Wizard.

Callihan back in and gives Apache a punch to the gut. Quick action as she gives him a sunset flip but he rolls through and gives her a piledriver. Drago broke up the count.

Drago gives Callihan a Canadian Destroyer then goes to the top rope but Alexander slams him off. Striker gives a shout out to Petey Williams after seeing the Canadian Destroyer. (Williams actually named the move after his late mentor “The Canadian Destroyer” Doug Chevalier who passed away in the early 2000s. Chevalier founded Border City Wrestling in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1993 with Scott D’Amore and Chuck Fader.)

Murder gave Alexander a Samoan Drop then Elgin gave Murder a deadlift German Suplex. Elgin then did a cannonball tope on Apache and Drago on the outside. Murder then did a cannonball of his own on everyone.

Team Impact beat up Team AAA after the match.

Flamita vs. Puma King vs. Daga vs. AeroStar in a #1 con. match for the AAA Cruiserweight Title (currently held by Laredo Kid)

Daga got the pin on Puma with the face buster over the knees.

Daga gave Flamita a pop up DVD then Flamita gave him a standing Spanish Fly during the match. Puma gave Flamita a top rope hurricanrana.

AAA Women’s Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie

Valkyrie got the pin after the Road to Valhalla to win the title. Blanchard allowed herself to be distracted with the crowd and got caught by a big knee shot before the finish. They shook hands and hugged after. Blanchard was leaving the ring then turned around and back jumped Valkyrie and tossed the title belt on her.

They ended up going to the outside with some intense action during the match. Blanchard gave Valkyrie a running drop kick to the head while Valkyrie was up against the ring steps.

Valkyrie with a spear and then the running double knee shot in the corner.

Blanchard with a powerbomb out of the corner immediately followed by a Canadian Destroyer.

Blanchard comes off the top rope looking to hit The Magnum but missed and Valkyrie gave her a piledriver.

Valkyrie powers out of Blanchard’s tornado DDT attempt and turns it into a Northern Lights Suplex.

AAA Tag Team Champions Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix vs. LAX (Santana and Ortiz)

The Lucha Brothers get the win as Pentagon pinned Santana after the package piledriver and diving double stomp finisher, then Fenix did an incredible dive to the outside on Ortiz to stop him from making the save. They all showed respect to each other after the match.

Pro Wrestling politics is never a dull moment. LAX is done with Impact Wrestling and now they are with AEW. Impact owns the LAX name so AEW can’t use it, but Santana and Ortiz are still allowed to use it in AAA.

John E. Bravo was back as a referee for this show and he’s always good at it. Over the last several months in Impact Wrestling he’s been the heel lacky of Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Impact (when Impact was still with the company).

Brian Cage, Psycho Clown, and Cain Velasquez vs. Texano Jr., Taurus, and Rey Escorpion

Velasquez got the pin on Taurus after a springboard cutter.

Velasquez seems like he’s taking things seriously and not just collecting a pay check. He wore the horned mask the whole time and did a dive and head scissors.

They held a little celebration before the main event to honor Mexican Independence Day.

Blue Demon, Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.

Wagner got the pin as Demon gave him a flying crossbody block and he quickly rolled over and reversed it to get the three count.

After the match, Demon back jumped Wagner and the Impact roster on the card ran in to help him in the attack. Team AAA, led by Psycho Clown, made the save. Taya Valkyrie gave Tessa Blanchard a spear and Cain Velasquez put Sami Callihan in a cross arm breaker. (Daga and Blanchard were Team Impact and Valkyrie was Team AAA. They work for both companies).

This was totally different from all of the numerous other matches Wagner and Demon had against each other. Usually it’s an immediate hardcore brawl with them making each other bleed. On this show there was no blood allowed in any of the matches so they were forced to have a basic old school wrestling match. They only brawled into the crowd very briefly.

The next AAA show is 10/5/19 from Morelia, Mexico and it is scheduled to be on free Twitch.

AAA returns to the USA on 10/13/19 in Los Angeles, California at The Forum. That show will also be available live on FITE and tickets are available here

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