EVOLVE 135 Results 9/20/19

EVOLVE 135 results from Brooklyn, New York at Saint Finbar Catholic Church Gym on 9/20/19 and live on Club WWN:

Lenny Leonard opened the show in the ring. An eerily calm Anthony Henry came out and made Leonard nervous. Henry told the crowd he’s given everything to them and never got anything in return. He asked for his opponent to come out.

Anthony Henry vs. KC Navarro

Navarro pinned Henry in a few seconds after Henry just laid down and took the pin. After the match, Henry sucker punched him then gave him several running knees in the corner followed by a Drill Bit and a diving double stomp.

Vanity vs. Avery Taylor vs. Alex Gracia vs. Natalia Markova vs. Shotzi Blackheart vs. Brandon Lauren (with Anthony Greene)

Taylor pinned Gracia with an Implant Buster.

Taylor did a senton off the apron on everyone on the floor then Blackheart shot through the ropes with a tope on everyone. Lauren power bombed Blackheart on the apron before the finish.

John Silver vs. Arturo Ruas

Ruas got the pin after a spin kick.

After the match Anthony Gutierrez came out and sarcastically congratulated Ruas saying he liked he technique. He told Ruas to watch the Evolution’s Edge Match next.

Anthony Gutierrez vs. Karam vs. Daniel Garcia vs. Curt Stallion in an Evolution’s Edge Tournament Match

This is elimination rules. Leonard said there will be another tournament match later tonight and the winners of each will face each other tomorrow night in Queens.

Stallion pinned Karam after the kamikaze headbutt.

Stallion pinned Gutierrez after the headbutt as Gutierrez was trying to submit Garcia in a triangle choke.

Stallion pinned Garcia to win the match after the headbutt as Garcia was coming off the ropes.

Austin Theory came out and mocked Stallion thinking he was a superstar and on his level. Stallion said he would win the tournament and come for Theory. He said right now Theory had bigger things to worry about.

EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory vs. Babatunde in a non-title match

Theory tried to walk out of the match but Eddie Kingston, Joe Gacy, Sean Maluta, and Donovan stood on the stage and intimidated him to go back to the ring.

Babatunde won by Disqualification just as he was about to pin Theory after a splash. Kingston, Gacy, and Donovan ran in and stomped him. AR Fox, Leon Ruff, and Liam Gray ran out to make the save. There was a big brawl and Theory escaped to the locker room.

Liam Gray and the EVOLVE Tag Team Champions AR Fox and Leon Ruff (with Ayla and The Skulk) vs. Eddie Kingston, Joe Gacy, and Donovan

The titles are on the line in the match. Leonard said Colby Corino was supposed to be in the match and he didn’t know why he wasn’t there. He played it up that The Unwanted were playing “mind games” by having Donovan now in as a substitute.

AR Fox got the pin on Kingston after a 450 splash as Gray and Ruff also hit finishers on Gacy and Donovan.


Adrian Alanis vs. Harlem Bravado

Leonard said if Bravado doesn’t win tonight and tomorrow night, he will be gone from EVOLVE for the time being because his spot is on the line.

Bravado got the pin after his version of a pedigree finisher. He told the camera it was one down and one to go this weekend.

Big Game Leroy vs. Brandon Taggart vs. Sean Maluta vs. Anthony Greene (with Brandi Lauren) in an Evolution‘s Edge Tournament Match

Maluta pinned Leroy after a kick.

Leroy does a gimmick where he has a Nintendo Switch in the match with him the whole time and he seems more concerned with playing video games on it than worrying about the match. He also used the device as a weapon to distract his opponents at times.

Greene used his feet on the ropes to pin Taggart.

Greene pinned Maluta after a killswitch to win the match.

Josh Briggs vs. Kassius Ohno (with Harlem Bravado)

Ohno got the pin after the Hero’s Welcome.

After the match Ohno tried to shake hands but Briggs refused. Austin Theory ran out and attacked Briggs from behind. Ohno tried to pull him off but Theory shoved him down. Ohno then tried to separate Briggs but Briggs also shoved him down. Theory and Briggs brawled to the back as Ohno looked on in disappointment.

JD Drake vs. WWE U.K. Champion WALTER in a non-title match

WALTER got the pin after a short arm clothesline.

They started off with some really quick mat wrestling and exchanges then it broke down into the hard hitting chop fest that everyone expected it to be.

Drake hit the stunner and a cannonball in the corner but he missed the moonsault. WALTER hit him with a dropkick in the corner then gave him a release power bomb for a two count.

Drake’s chest was red after the match and he had several noticeable welts around his collarbone and neck. Anthony Henry came out to the stage and sarcastically applauded him. They will face each other tomorrow night and WALTER takes on Ohno.

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