WOW S2 EP. 3 Results 9/28/19

WOW results on AXS TV from The Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles, California on 9/28/19 (taped May 2019):

David McLane opens the show and brings out WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard to the ring. Blanchard said she’s sick and tired of what people are saying about her. She said she pinned Jungle Grrrl and won. McLane reminded her that it was with help from The Beast.

Jungle Grrrl came out and said she wanted a title shot one on one.

The Monsters Of Madness (Havok and Hazard) came out to intimidate everyone.

Blanchard said she wasn’t having any of this. She told Jungle Grrrl to face Havok and Hazard by herself if she thinks she’s so tough. She shoved the microphone in McLane’s face like always and told him that she was leaving.

The Beast then came out looking ready for action.

McLane set up a tag team match main event with The Beast and Jungle Grrrl vs. The Monsters Of Madness.

A creepy video was shown of Sophia Lopez and her “client” Nikki Krumpus “The Norwegian Nightmare”.

Nikki Krumpus (with Sophia Lopez) vs. Princess Aussie

Krumpus pinned Aussie after The Happy Holidays (swinging sidewalk slam) when Lopez distracted the referee and tossed in Aussie’s bamboo sticks. Krumpus used the sticks to hit Aussie in the stomach to set up the finishing move.

After the match, Siren the Voodoo Doll and Holidead came out and carried off the weakened Aussie and her bamboo sticks off to the locker room. Apparently they want to possess her.

The Temptress (aka Katrina Leigh Waters) vs. Reyna Reyes (aka Gisele Shaw)

Temptress is accompanied by The Dagger.

Reyes got the pin after a Sky Twister in a fairly long back and forth match. The Dagger tried to interfere at the end of the match but Reyes was able to kick her away.

They showed a video package of how Mezmeriah joined The Psycho Sister. She will make her in-ring debut next week.

A video history package aired showing Samantha Smart putting The Disciplinarian and Abilene Maverick together as a tag team.

The Disciplinarian (aka Ivory Robyn) and Abilene Maverick (aka Barbi Hayden) accompanied by Samantha Smart vs. Chantilly Chella (aka RayLyn) and Sassy Massy (aka Alisha Edwards) in a WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament Match for the vacant titles

Chella and Massy both pinned Maverick with a unique cutter double team. Chella gave The Disciplinarian a drop kick to the outside just before the finish to stop her from interfering. Really good match with some impressive looking stuff from all four.

In the locker room, Maverick blamed The Disciplinarian for the loss. Smart separated them before things got more heated.

Havok (aka Jessicka Havok) and Hazard (aka Nevaeh) vs. The Beast and Jungle Grrrl

Jungle Grrrl and The Beast won by Disqualification when Hazard brought in a chair and rammed it into the midsection of Grrrl.

Good match while it lasted. Havok gave The Beast the choke bomb turned into a Boston Crab. Grrrl made the save with a dropkick on Havok to break up the submission hold. The Beast didn’t want Grrrl’s help and they argued just before the finish.

After the match it looked like The Beast and Grrrl were going to possibly show each other respect but then Grrrl hit her with the chair and choked her with the edge of it. The referees ran out and separated them as the show went off the air.

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