WOW Episode 2:04 Results 10/5/19

WOW on AXS TV results from Los Angeles, California at The Belasco Theatre (taped May 2019) on 10/5/19:

The show opened with David McLane in the ring and Jungle Grrrl came out for a promo. Everyone wanted to know why she attacked The Beast with a chair after their tag team match last week.

She said for 18 years she has dominated the ring and there is no one else more dedicated and athletic. She said while other companies had girls wrestling in Jello matches 18 years ago she was jumping off of ladders. She said if The Beast thinks she is tough then she came come out and prove it.

The Beast rushed out and immediately speared Grrrl. They brawled and McLane yelled for the referees to come out and separate them.

McLane announced it will be The Beast vs. Jungle Grrrl one on one in the main event tonight.

Fury (aka Harlow O’Hara) vs. Fire (aka Kiera Hogan)

Fury is accompanied by Razor (aka Sarah The Rebel) and Mezmeriah.

Fire got the pin with the Face the Music fisherman neck breaker.

This was a longer than expected opener with lots of near falls from both. Fire kicked out of an impressive looking superplex by Fury. Fury had those vicious looking backhand slaps on display during the match. Razor and Mezmeriah interfered a couple of times from the outside as Fury had the referee distracted but they were not a factor in the outcome.

After the match, Razor and Mezmeriah jumped Fire in the ring. Adrenaline (aka Diamante) ran in and made the save.

McLane went in the ring to interview the baby faces. Fire thanked Adrenaline for saving her. Adrenaline said they should make it official. Fire said they would be entering the WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament for the vacant titles (the company calls it a The WOW Team Team Series on TV instead of using the word “tournament”.)

A video segment was shown of Siren the Voodoo Doll and Holidead performing some sort of spell on Princess Aussie. They burned Aussie’s bamboo sticks in the ritual.

Siren The Voodoo Doll (with Holidead) vs. Chantilly Chella (aka RayLyn) accompanied by Sassy Massy (aka Alicia Edwards)

Siren got the pin with the Voodoo Driver.

Chella was about to win after a cutter but Holidead got on the ring to distract the referee. Massy pulled Holidead off the ring but it wasn’t enough to stop Chella and the referee from getting distracted and it allowed Siren to take advantage.

After the match, Siren asked who would be the next victim.

A video was shown of how Lana Star turned Amber O’Neal into her protégée “The Beverly Hills Babe” and dumped her for Faith The Lioness.

Lana Star and Faith The Lioness vs. Amber O’Neal and Jessie Jones in a Tag Team Titles tournament match

Star came out in pink and black. McLane said it was a tribute to Bret Hart. Star introduced The Lioness who has dropped the “Faith” first name. Star said The Lioness will be bigger than Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé.

O’Neal dropped the Hollywood socialite gimmick and is back to a “country girl” look like Jones.

Jones submitted Star to the Bourbon Stretch arm submission.

Star made The Lioness start off and wrestle the whole match because she was a afraid to face O’Neal. She kept refusing to tag in. Jones got frustrated and shoved The Lioness into Star on the apron and the referee called it a tag. Jones grabbed Star and threw her in the ring and immediately locked in the submission for the win.

Jones cut a promo after the match and said Star and The Lioness should have spent more time training in ‘rasslin instead of the dance studio. She said she and O’Neal will become the next WOW Tag Team Champions and together they will make Tag Team ‘rasslin great again.

They showed David McLane holding the vacant WOW Tag Titles at the announcer desk. Next week The Dixie Darlings (Jolene and Jolynn) will face Havok and Hazard in the tournament.

The Beast vs. Jungle Grrrl

The announcers built up that this was the first time the two have faced each other in a regular one on one match.

They went to a no-contest when The Beast accidentally speared the referee instead of Grrrl and it knocked him out of the ring.

Tessa Blanchard then ran in and hit Grrrl in the head with a briefcase. Blanchard sarcastically said “You’re Welcome!” to The Beast who looked confused.

On a side note, WOW owner Jeanie Buss and David McLane were in the front row last night in Los Angeles for WWE’s Smackdown debut on Fox.

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