wXw Femmes Fatales 2019 Results 10/5/19

wXw Femmes Fatales 2019 tournament results from Oberhausen, Germany at Turbinenhalle 2 on 10/5/19:

All the competitors were introduced and they came to the ring.

Session Moth Martina vs. WESNA in a tournament match

Martina got the pin with the Jagerbomb.

Leyla Hirsch vs. Sammii Jayne in a tournament match

Hirsch gets the win with an armbar submission.

Lana Austin vs. Baby Allison

Austin got the pin after a DDT.

LuFisto vs. Vicious Vivien

LuFisto got the pin in quick fashion. Vivien was a replacement for Saraya Knight who is ill with flu like symptoms.

Leyla Hirsch vs. Session Moth Martina in a semifinal match

Hirsch got the pin after a moonsault.

LuFisto vs. Lana Austin in a semifinal match

LuFisto wins by leg lock submission.


wXw Women’s Champion Amale vs. Faye Jackson

Amale wins with the Champions Maker.

Meiko Satomura was announced for the 19th anniversary show on 12/14/19.

LuFisto vs. Leyla Hirsch in the tournament finals

LuFisto gets the pin after the burning hammer.

LuFisto said she’s holding off retirement a little longer and she will get a title shot against Amale tomorrow for winning the tournament.

Thanks to Marcus Werner for the results.

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