NWA Powerrr first episode results airing on the NWA Facebook and YouTube pages on 10/8/19 from Atlanta, Georgia at Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios:

There was so much action fit into the hour, I’m actually watching it for a second time to do this report.

I watched the numbers in real time on the initial 6:05pm airing and it looks like they drew about 16,000 viewers. Over 13,000 on YouTube and a little over 3,000 on Facebook. The numbers held steady which was impressive since much of the promotion for the show was done by social media and it was a weekday early evening broadcast for North American fans.

There is a wonderful unique history as the beginning of studio pro wrestling first started on local TV stations and the old Dumont Network in late 1940’s. Jim Crockett Promotions would make it famous on national basic cable television during the 1980s with NWA World Champion Wrestling on WTBS each Saturday at 6:05pm EST. Ted Turner’s WCW would continue the tradition with WCW Saturday Night in the 1990s. Now this show in 2019 airs on modern app technology in the always changing times.

The show opened with a music video showing the names and faces of all the talent on this episode. To show that this doesn’t seem to be a vanity project for owner Billy Corgan, the theme song is “Into The Fire” by Dokken to fit the 1980s retro vibe and not a Smashing Pumpkins track or Corgan solo career song https://youtu.be/XQ9XcMybcX8

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette are the announcers with David Marquez as acting as both the main interviewer and the ring announcer.

Cornette gave us a history of studio wrestling from Atlanta over the decades and quickly turned things over to Marquez who did an interview with NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis (accompanied by Kamille).

Aldis said he’s been Champion (in his second reign) for almost a year and it’s hard to stay hungry for that long. He said the NWA has gone from a punchline to a headline. He did a great job in mentioning the names of all the other NWA title holders and really put them over as credible. He callled out Tim Storm and said he will not lose the title to him in the main event because everything he has in life is due to pro wrestling.

The Dawson Brothers (Zane Dawson and Dave Dawson) vs. Saul Rinauro and Billy Buck in the first ever NWA Powerrr match

The Dawsons pinned Buck after a double team squash followed by a big power slam in a fairly quick squash match. They immediately went over to do an interview with Marquez. They said they are the bullies taking over the place and the world should take notice. It was a great old school bully tag team promo.

They aired a 1980s retro style commercial with Austin Idol advertising his Universal Wrestling College training school website.

Galli did an interview with Eli Drake. He said there’s a lot of children running around in pro wrestling these days but the NWA has a men who want to be champion and he wants gold too.

Eli Drake vs. Caleb Konley

Drake gets the pin after Gravy Train. Marquez announced a ten minute time limit. Cornette agreed with Drake’s “kids in wrestling” comment and said there are a lot of cosplayers (which he always talks about on his podcasts). This was a fast paced back and forth match.

They aired a video of the Aldis and Tim Storm rivalry with Storm asking for this title shot one last time.

Jocephus tried to hostility take over Cornette and Galli’s announce desk. He demanded that Tim Storm come out to face him. Cornette said they weren’t in charge and couldn’t give him that.

They went to a break and showed video of the fans excitement at the tapings saying it made them feel like a kid again. They announced the NWA will be back in Atlanta on December 14-16. (The 14th will be a live ppv and the 15th and 16th are more TV tapings)..

Jocephus continued to scream and demand for Tim Storm to come out but National Champion James Storm came out instead. He said he was the only Storm he needed to worry about. He said Joephus thinks he’s tough but he’s not. He said he needed to go back to his desk job because he’s nothing but a joke. Jocephus shoved him and they got into a brief brawl before the referees separated them.

They showed an ad for an NWA Ten Pounds Of Gold DVD box set for $20.

NWA World Tag Team Champions Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer vs. Danny White and Mims in a non-title match

Issacs and Latimer pinned White after a powerbomb and German Suplex. They went over to Marquez and told him to shut his mouth as they bragged. Eddie Kingston came out and made fun of their names. He said they don’t speak for the underdogs like him. They were going to attack him but Homicide came out to even the odds. Both teams stared each other down.

James Storm and Jocephus came back out and brawled all around the building.

They went to a quick break with the graphic of the December event dates showing. Another NWA fan video aired with a fan cutting a pretty good promo.

James Storm vs. Jocephus

They continued to brawl around the building and around the announcer desk. A referee was brought in the ring to get them to settle it in a match.

Storm got the pin real quick after the super kick in the impromptu match. He then put the thumb of Jocephus into Jocephus’ mouth to make it look like he was a sleeping child sucking his thumb.

A nice video aired of Tim Storm showing his life outside of wrestling as a teacher. He said he wants to be Champion again. He said people talk about his age but he wants to be 70 and have the title.

They showed video of Aldis winning the title. He said if Storm loses tonight he can never challenge him again.

Tim Storm was interviewed by Galli back in the studio at ringside before the match. He gave a strong promo. He said he said 6:05 on Saturday defined him growing up, but what defines him as a man is those who love him and those who he loves back. He said he couldn’t tell his 94 mom he was still wrestling because she was worried he will get hurt. He said Aldis is a great champ and good man to give him one more shot. He said the NWA Worlds Title means more than anything and he will not let it slip away to lose another chance at it.

They announced that NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay will be in action next week.

NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis (with Kamille) vs. Tim Storm

Aldis got the pin with an inside cradle counter in a long main event. Kamille was accidentally clotheslined down by Aldis on the outside as he was aiming for Storm.

Aldis went over to be interviewed by Galli after the match. Aldis said NWA also stands for Not Without Authenticity. He put Storm over and said he was authentic and a hell of a man. He said it was an honor to share the ring.

Galli tried to ask Kamille how she was feeling after getting hit in the match. Aldis kept interrupting and Kamille never got a chance to talk. He spoke on her behalf and told Galli to save the “clickbait” stuff.

The show ended with Aldis and Kamille walking out of the interview and Aldis looked at Storm still in the ring with respect.

They rolled credits with the names of everyone on the crew just like the NWA and WCW pay-per-views did before 1998 and like Bill Watts’ UWF weekly syndicated TV show did in 1986.

This show had a tremendous amount of heat and nostalgia. It made me feel like a kid again rushing home from the mall in the late 1980s with my friends to watch NWA World Championship Wrestling on TBS.

You can watch the full show here. There are 42,000 views of it as of finishing out this report. https://youtu.be/aegl1dWAT_8

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