Ice Ribbon Results 10/9/19: Tequila Saya’s Final P’s Party, Retirement Show Card

Ice Ribbon Results from Saitama, Japan at the dojo on 10/9/19:

This is Tequila Saya’s last P’s Party event at the dojo so there was a lighthearted vibe to it.

Saya and Tsukushi beat Suzu Suzuki and Yappy in a Ballons Weapons Match with Satsuki Totoro also allowed to be used a weapon. Tsukushi pinned Yappy after the diving double foot stomp with balloons and Totoro placed on top of her.

Saya and Giulia beat Tsukasa Fujimoto and Hamuko Hoshi in a Drunken Tag Team Match where they had to do shots of tequila. Tequila Saya got the pin on Fujimoto with the Tequila Shot of course.

A super typhoon is expected to hit Japan this weekend and a few major events have already been delayed or canceled because of it including the Rugby World Cup and the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix. 10/12/19 is supposed to be Saya’s retirement show. I have not heard of any wrestling shows being canceled just yet, but based on the news I’m hearing from Japan, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are more events not taking place due to the weather.

I want to wish my correspondent Tomi Yamada and the readers of this site in Japan all the best wishes in dealing with the dangerous situation. I

n any event here is the Korakuen Hall lineup: Tequila Saya and Giulia vs. Matsuya Uno and Satsuki Totoro in the Saya Retirement Match main event International Tag Team Champions Risa Sera and Maya Yukihi vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto and Tsukushi Akane Fujita vs. Rina Yamashita Hamuko Hoshi vs. Syuri Maika Ozaki and Ram Kaicho vs. Hiragi Kurumi and Tae Honma Suzu Suzuki, Ibuki Hoshi, and Riko Kawabata vs. Cherry, Yappy, and Banny Oikawa Follow “Wrestling… with Demons” @WrestlingDemons on Twitter

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