STARDOM And Ice Ribbon Are Canceled This Weekend

STARDOM and Ice Ribbon both announced that that their respective shows are canceled on Saturday due to a severe typhoon headed for Japan.

The Ice Ribbon event at Korakuen Hall was supposed to be Tequila Saya’s retirement show. The company said they will announce new details about her retirement send off at a later time.

STARDOM was to have their show at Shinkiba 1st Ring. They said as of now the Monday show at Korakuen Hall will still go on.

DDT said that if their Saturday show was going to be canceled they’ll announce it on social media at some point today. There has been no update as of this writing. Tokyo Joshi Pro has a show scheduled for Osaka on Sunday at the moment.

Update at 2:30am EST: DDT has canceled the Saturday show in Nagoya at Legend Hall.

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