Pro-Wrestling:EVE Results 10/12/19: New Tag Team Champions

Pro-Wrestling:EVE results of “Check Yourself” from London, U.K. at The Resistance Gallery on 10/12/19:

Kris Wolf joined ring announcer/EVE co-owner in the ring for the opening announcements. Wolf will be allowed to do whatever she wants to do on the show. This is Wolf’s first appearance back with the company since her retirement show with them several months ago.

This show will feature a tag team tournament for the EVE Tag Team Titles which were abruptly vacated by Jetta and Erin Angel a couple of weeks ago.

Mercedes Martinez and Laura Di Matteo beat Rhia O’Reilly and Livvii Grace when Di Matteo pinned O’Reilly in a Tag Team Titles Tournament Match. The heels attacked Martinez and Di Matteo post match.

Gisele Shaw pinned Nina Samuels.

Debbie Keitel and Valkyrie beat Jinny and her mystery partner Kanji in a Tag Team Titles Match when Kanji was pinned.

Kasey won a SHE-1 Qualifying Match over Roxxy.


Angel Hayze upset NightShade in a SHE-1 Qualifier after Kris Wolf announced that it would be under Death Match Rules with a few comedy props used as weapons.

Leyla Hirsch beat Skye Smitson by armbar submission. Smitson said she will be going to a wrestling school outside of England for more training. She said she will reveal the name of it when she is there.

Erin Angel came out to the ring. She will present the title belts to the winners of the tournament and give a statement on why she and Jetta vacated them.

Debbie Keitel and Valkyrie defeated Mercedes Martinez and Laura Di Matteo to win the tournament and the EVE Tag Team Titles.

Angel made her announcement. She will be leaving wrestling for a little while because she is pregnant.

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