WOW on AXS TV results from Los Angeles, California at The Belasco Theatre on 10/12/19 (taped May 2019):

The episode opened with extra footage that didn’t air last week. The Beast actually got the pin on Jungle Grrrl in last week’s main event after Tessa Blanchard ran in and hit Grrrl with the briefcase when the referee was accidentally bumped.

Blanchard snickered in a backstage area. The Beast approached her with a contract and intimidated her to sign it.

Dave McLane was shown in his office. Blanchard barged in. He asked her if she signed the contract to face The Beast. She said she didn’t. He said he didn’t have time for this and said she can no longer pick her title challengers. She said she would face the next person that walked through the door.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it was Reyna Reyes (aka Gisele Shaw). Blanchard said she would face her tonight.

Reyes said Sophia Lopez told her that McLane wanted to see her. McLane told Reyes he never asked to see her and they both looked confused.

Jungle Grrrl came out to the ring and said it took two people to beat her last week which shows that nobody can beat her one on one. She said if Blanchard and The Beast want to use each other for help against her in matches they can just do it from the start.

Jungle Grrrl vs. Sassy Massy (aka Alicia Edwards)

It ended in a dud no contest.

Grrrl gave Massy two top rope splashes. She was going to go for a third one but Chantelle Chella (aka RayLyn) ran in the ring to protect Massy. Grrrl gave Chella a Jungle Driver and put her next to Massy.

She was going to give them both a top rope splash at the same time but a bunch of referees ran in to stop her. A graphic actually appeared on screen to show the viewers it was a no contest.

There was a backstage segment with Lana Star playing a prank on The Dixie Darlings by having them accidentally enter the locker room of Jessie Jones and Amber O’Neal. Jones thought the twins were fans and she told them to get out.

A video recap was shown of Abilene Maverick constantly bullying Stephy Slays.

Abilene Maverick (aka Barbi Hayden) vs. Stephy Slays

Maverick came out wearing a neck brace and an elegant black dress. She said she was injured in a freak accident at her family’s lake house. She said can’t wrestle tonight but she had a substitute to face Slays.

The Disciplinarian (Ivory Robyn) ran in and jumped Slays from behind. The referee called for the bell and made it an official match. Samantha Smart accompanied The Disciplinarian at ringside like usual and she slapped Slays as the referee was distracted.

The Disciplinarian vs. Stephy Slays

Maverick joined the announcers and they didn’t believe that she was hurt. McLane said she needs to stop ducking Slays and have a match against her one of these days.

The Disciplinarian got the clean win in the end with a TKO for the pin. Smart cut a promo and insulted the IQ of the crowd. She bragged that Slays was crushed. Maverick laughed and applauded at the announcers table.

Another vignette was shown of Siren the Voodoo Doll and Holidead trying to possess Princess Aussie.

Havok and Hazard (aka Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh) vs. The Dixie Darlings (Jolene and Jolynn) in the ongoing Tag Team Titles Tournament

Hazard pinned Jolene after grabbing her hair from behind and dropping her down to the mat as Havok knocked Joylynn off the ring. Havok and Hazard gave a fierce promo after. They said they would win the titles and run through everyone else in the tournament.

A video package and biography interview with Reyna Reyes was shown to build up the main event.

Reyna Reyes vs. WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard got the pin after the Diamond DDT (aka Buzzsaw DDT) out of nowhere.

Good match that went about eight minutes and it was really explosive in the last few minutes. Reyes was all over Blanchard most of the time. She gave her a Sky Twister outside of the ring, a slingshot press, and a big top rope Spanish Fly.

After the match, Jungle Grrrl appeared in the ring behind Blanchard and gave her a Jungle Driver followed by the top rope splash. She arrogantly placed the WOW Title on Blanchard as she was laid out from the splash.

The show ended with Jungle Grrrl getting into a shoving match with The Beast in the locker room and they brawled.

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