Progress Chapter 96 Results 10/13/19: Jinny Confronts Toni Storm

Progress results of Chapter 96 from Manchester, U.K. at the sold out O2 Ritz on 10/13/19:

Callum Corrie/Sandy Beach (not the other Sandy Beach) pinned Rizman Khan after a neck breaker. I’m told this was the Progress debut for both guys.

Lewis Howley and Sam Smooth beat Luke Jacobs and Ethan Allen.

Proteus Champion Paul Robinson beat Travis Banks by referee stoppage. Robinson removed part of mat to expose the wood underneath and he kept stomping away at Banks on it.

TK Cooper came out afterwards. It looked like he was going to help Banks up but he gave him a head butt instead.

Dani Luna pinned Toni Storm in an upset.

After the match the lights went out and they showed a very well done video of Jinny that Progress even released on their social media. Jinny has basically turned into a female version of Jimmy Havoc and no longer the aloof fashionista. The lights went back on and she appeared in the ring to try to intimidate Storm. Storm slowly walked away but kept her eyes on Jinny. You can check it out here:

TK Cooper pinned Roy Johnson after an axe kick. Travis Banks went after Cooper post match.

Ilja Dragunov pinned Cara Noir after the Torpedo Moskau.

Progress Tag Team Champions Jordan Devlin and Scotty Davis beat James Drake and Zack Gibson.

Gibson cut a promo before the match and said they don’t care about PROGRESS on indie wrestling anymore. He said they are not there to entertain or give a 5 Star Match. He said Dave Meltzer can go fuck himself. He said they are there for a paycheck and it get quick wins like a “smash and grab”. Of course they ended up having a good match and the crowd was into it.

Jim Smallman came out to thank the crowd and said it will be his last time in the city with the group as he’s leaving after Progress 100.

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