NWA Powerrr Episode 2 Results 10/15/19

NWA Powerrr results from Atlanta, Georgia taped at the Georgia Public Broadcasting studios a couple of weeks ago. I’m watching on YouTube https://youtu.be/21wZ00iNvb8

They did a countdown clock before the show with clips of various YouTube hosts talking about the show and they showed Tweets from several people in other wrestling companies praising last week’s show.

This week’s broadcast opened with highlights of last week’s episode. Once again Dokken was the music intro and names and faces of all the roster on this episode was shown on screen which is a nice way to introduce the talent to new fans.

Jim Cornette and Joe Galli welcomed everyone.

David Marquez interviewed Aron Stevens at the desk. Stevens said he’s been doing movies, TV, and theater the last few years which took him away from wrestling. He said he heard the NWA was back so he’s here to announce that he’s back too. This was a great comedy heel promo. He said he has a request for the crew and fans not to make any eye contact with him. He said there are stars and a supporting cast and everyone knows which one he is.

Trevor Murdoch vs. Ricky Starks

We know Starks well on this site because he’s a very talented wrestler on the Texas indie scene. Cornette said Murdoch has been away from wrestling for a few years but was coaxed to come back for the NWA.

Starks got the pin in a back and forth match with a crucifix pin.

Starks was interviewed by Marquez and Murdoch congratulated him on the win. Starks gave a good cocky “pretty boy” promo.

They did a cool “Breaking News” segment with Joe Galli from a control center. He said he asked tough questions of Nick Aldis last week because he’s a journalist and fans need to know. He said there will be a follow up this week.

Tickets for the Dec. 14-16 shows in Atlanta go on sale Friday.

Galli did an interview with Colt Cabana. He said he’s 100% again and ready to get gold including the NWA World Tag Titles. He brought out Mr. Anderson as his mystery partner.

Colt Cabana and Mr. Anderson vs. Sal Rinauro and Jordan Kingsley

Anderson pinned Rinauro after the Mic Check.

Nick Aldis was shown walking to his car and a camera was following him. He said he’s done with this situation. He said this is the NWA and not TMZ.

A comedy commercial aired with Tony Falk talking about a Waffles and Tire Irons business down in Kentucky.

Homicide and Eddie Kingston did a backstage promo talking about the tag titles scene.

NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay vs. Ashley Vox in a non-title match

This is the first women’s match in the show’s history.

Kay got the pin after a vertabreaker. Vox used several fast paced and high flying moves but the size difference was too much.

Marquez interviewed Kay after. Kay called Vox over. She said she is glad Vox is on the roster and she has a bright future but not against her title. She said the NWA Women’s Division is in good hands. Vox looked disappointed and never spoke.

Vox is another familiar face to this site. She’s one half of Team Sea Stars with her sister Delmi Exo. She’s from the east coast and started her career there. The duo has gained in popularity and have been getting booked all over the world now.

Footage was shown of Tim Storm walking away from a backstage interview attempt after his loss against Aldis last week.

National Champion James Storm came out for an interview. He said now that Tim Storm is out of the picture he should be next in line for Aldis because of being National Champ. Eli Drake came out and boosted Storm’s ego. He said he didn’t know if Aldis was ducking people, but if Storm does win the title, he wants at shot at him.

They aired the Austin Idol wrestling school commercial again.

NWA World Tag Team Champions Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer vs. Eddie Kingston and Homicide

They went to a non-contest when The Dawsons ran in and attacked both teams.

They showed the sit down interview with Galli, Aldis, and Kamille. They said it was taped earlier in the day.

Aldis said Kamille is his insurance policy to counter other people from getting involved. He said if she’s tried to get involved in the past he’s ordered her not to do it. He asked Galli to name a time she’s interfered in the ring in his matches. Galli looked embarrassed and said he couldn’t think of one.

Galli said he was going to give Kamille a chance to speak. She just smiled and didn’t say a word after Galli gave her repeated opportunities to talk.

Aldis said he doesn’t want to be accused by Galli of not allowing her to talk for herself ever again and he ended the interview.

They did around 11,300 viewers in the initial 6:05pm airing on YouTube.

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