STARDOM’s Future In The Balance?

The work never stops here at “Wrestling… with Demons”.

I thought it was going to be a low key evening and I actually took time for myself to sit down and watch a horror movie. It’s been a few months since I’ve done that because this site and daily life takes all of my time. The older you get the more you wish there were at least 36 hours in a day to get everything done.

Around 1am EST tonight, and naturally right in the middle of watching “Night of Dark Shadows” (1971), I received a message asking me if I heard what was going on with STARDOM.

I’ve heard many reports and rumors about STARDOM the entire 2019. I chose not to report on them because I don’t want W.W.D. to turn into an “information pollution” pro wrestling site with speculation and opinions like so many others out there. Too many wrestling events are always running around the world on any given night to waste time on speculation and my personal opinions. I think it would go against my cluttered vision of what W.W.D. is supposed to be.

So instead of speculating, I will take this time to give a “timeline of STARDOM events” on everything I’ve heard this year from reliable sources leading up to the notes I received tonight.

1. Earlier this year I was told that Rossy Owaga was in bad health and people were worried about him and STARDOM as a whole if something happened to him. The story was he allegedly suffered a stroke based on his facial features that are usually a result of a stroke. He luckily did not have a stroke, he has Bell’s Palsy (which Jim Ross also suffers from). That condition will also cause facial paralysis and it can be confused with strokes.

2. Viceland in the United States aired a documentary this summer about STARDOM which was outdated but still telling in a few ways. The episode was actually produced a few years ago and it originally aired in Canadian in early 2018.

Rossy Owaga was brutally honest in the doc. He pretty much said that the young and attractive girls on the roster, who sell the most merchandise, will get a push and titles. Those who don’t sell enough merch probably won’t get anywhere far in the company.

The piece also covered allegations of bullying in the locker room and the company operating in a strict fashion.

3. In late August, I received several complaints about the state of STARDOM World with the sudden decline in quality English translations of shows and delays of new content getting posted on the service.

As it tuned out, the English speaking office worker abandoned his job for several days and nobody could reach him. It got to the point where people thought something bad happened to him. He is the person responsible for the English translations and he apparently also runs the STARDOM social media which wasn’t being updated much either with his brief departure.

This same person also leaked vague insider information on Reddit about the company around the same time in August. He basically said there was a lot of drama going on because of outside forces toward the company. He also said that his personal issues were resolved and he would return so everything would get back to normal as far as STARDOM World and the social media updates were concerned.

My immediate thought was that WWE was planning on either buying STARDOM or forming a similar partnership like Progress in the U.K. and wXw in Germany has with them. I thought the STARDOM World tape library would also be of interest to WWE as past matches feature Io Shirai, Kairi Sane, Toni Storm, Shayna Baszler, and Chelsea Green among others.

I asked around at that time and I was told that there was no interest between STARDOM and WWE on doing anything together.

I was also told that a journalist of some sort was doing another story on the company apparently as a result of the fallout from the documentary that aired on Viceland. I do not know if this recent reporter was from Viceland or another media outlet.

4. Early last week I touched base with a source on a variety of pro wrestling related issues. The person told me that Rossy Owaga was going to be “stepping away” because of the Bell’s Palsy and getting older. I didn’t think much of it at the time because there were so many other things going on in pro wrestling and Owaga has talked about slowing down off and on for a while but he hasn’t yet.

5. This weekend there was controversy as Giulia suddenly announced on 10/13/19 that she was leaving Ice Ribbon immediately and she jumped to STARDOM a few hours later. There seems to be a contract dispute as Ice Ribbon says she is still under some sort of deal while Owaga said he heard she wasn’t. STARDOM released a brief statement yesterday that sounded like Giulia’s status is in limbo until it gets sorted out.

6. I was informed on Monday that WWE and NJPW would both be having announcements later this week. The Wrestling Observer has been teasing that there will be news out of Japan this week as well. Dave Meltzer said it has nothing to do with NJPW and AEW working together. He said WWE has been trying to work with companies in Japan but they were turned down by a few.

There are stories going around again that WWE may announce a NXT Japan or WWE Japan brand soon which has been talked about over the last couple of years. As I reported elsewhere on the site, there is a “WWE Japan LLC” listing with the SEC.

7. The message I received at 1am today said Bushiroad (the parent company of NJPW) is allegedly interested in buying STARDOM.

I checked around and another source responded a little while ago. They told me that STARDOM and Bushiroad have allegedly been talking for at least over a month now. The source didn’t know if the plans are for an outright buyout by Bushiroad of STARDOM or some other potential partnership.

This is all I know so far. We’ll see what happens early Thursday and/or Friday as pro wrestling in 2019 is like a constantly moving chessboard all across the world.

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