Lots of Bushiroad/STARDOM Press Conference Notes

Rossy Ogawa gave an opening statement with the STARDOM roster seated behind him all wearing classy business attire.

STARDOM will operate under Bushiroad’s kickboxing group brand currently called called Kix Road. The name of that brand will be changed to Bushiroad Fight Co. in December.

The STARDOM name of the Joshi group will remain, but the “World Wonder Ring STARDOM” name and logos will be no more. Most people just call it STARDOM as it is. In the graphics of the press conference, it looked like there was already a new logo shown in the corner.

Rossy Owaga will remain on as CEO of STARDOM which was a surprise to me based on what I was told last week. Either he can’t step away from the pro wrestling business because it’s in his blood or this could be eventually a figurehead title role. Members of Bushiroad’s crew will eventually join the office.

They announced some shows.

Matches will take place as part of the CharaExpo USA in Anaheim, California at the Convention Center on 12/7/19 and 12/8/19. One match announced was Mayu Iwatani and Tam Nakano vs. Nicole Savoy and Sumie Sakai.

They said the first major show of 2020 will be on 4/29 at Tokyo Ota Ward Gym.

Events will be held at Korakuen Hall on 14 different dates in 2020 including two back to back on 8/8 and 8/9. Details in the months to come.

They will have some sort of TV show starting in January on Tokyo MX and BS NTV.

The talent will be all under contracts. They talked about bringing in talent from around the world and seemed to hint at doing more shows outside of Japan.

There will be no crossovers of talent on shows between New Japan Pro Wrestling and STARDOM (unlike what DDT does with the TJPW roster). STARDOM World and New Japan World will also remain separate streaming services and broadcast events will not crossover to both.

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