AAA results from Orizaba, Mexico at Coliseo la Concordia on 10/19/19:

A tribute video was shown of Antonio Pena and then there was a little memorial ceremony in the ring. Pena died on October 5, 2006.

La Parka came out to cut a promo but Konnan, La Parka Negra, Arez, and Latigo came out to interrupt him. Konnan said no one cares about La Parka and nobody remembers Pena. Parka went after them but Dave the Clown ran in from behind with a chair. Vampiro came out to make the save and he chokeslammed a couple people. He cornered Konnan and started punching him but then Konnan pushed him down for the other rudos to attack. Parka and Vamp were left laying.

Demus, Vanilla Vargas, Mamba, and Australian Suicide vs. Draztick Boy, Pimpinela Escarlta, Octongoncito, and Lady Shani

Shani pinned Mamba with a cradle suplex.

Michael Nakazawa appeared in the ring and poured oil over himself for comedy effect but he wasn’t much of a factor in the match or the finish.

Latigo and Keyra vs. Big Mami and Nino Hamburguesa vs. Mixed Tag Team Champions Lady Maravilla and Villano III Jr.

Maravilla pinned Mami after hitting her over the head with a chair.

Lots of dangerous looking stuff. Mami flew off the apron and splashed the other two women on the floor. Latigo gave Maravilla a release suplex off the apron and down to the floor. Maravilla gave Keyra a Spanish Fly off the top rope. Maravilla acted like she twisted her ankle in the match for Hamburguesa to have sympathy for her. Villano gave Nino a cutter off the apron into a table on the floor head first but the table didn’t break.

After the match, Maravilla got on the mic and said that everyone knows the kind of woman she is and she got what she wanted. She slapped Hamburguesa who just stood there looking heartbroken.

Big Mami then got on the mic and told Hamburguesa that she’s sick and tried of this whole situation with him and Maravilla. She then gave him a slap in the face too.

Latin American Champion Drago (with Lady Shani) vs. Daga (with Abismo Negro Jr.)

Daga pinned Drago after a low blow to win the title. Negro interfered and Drago sprayed him with mist. The referee didn’t see the foul by Daga as he was ordering Negro out of the ring.

Dynastia, Octogon Jr. and Puma King vs. Abismo Negro Jr., Arez, and Superfly in a lumberjack match

Octogon got the pin on Negro after a 450 Splash.

There was an amusing spot as rudo referee Tirantes refused to make a count for Puma. Puma then got mad and threw him out of the ring. The lumberjacks chased after Tirantes on the outside and hit him with the the leather straps and threw him back in the ring to continue to his job as ref.

Marisela Pena appeared on the stage before the battle royal. She said AAA is for the fans and she thanked everyone for their love and support in honoring her late brother tonight.

They showed an incredible 3D hologram image of Antonio Pena on the screen and to the viewers at home. It was amazing as if he was actually there talking from beyond the grave. I’ve never been a big fan of 3D technology because it always looked bad, but this looked fantastic. You can see it on AAA’s Facebook account here:

The Antonio Pena Cup Battle Royal. Over the top rules with two starting off and more entertaining every two minutes. Pinfall rule during the final two competitors remaining

La Parka Negra vs. Hijo del Vikingo starts it off

Triton enters next. The English announcers were excited to see him but did not mention that until very recently he was a regular in rival CMLL.

Taurus enters

Iron Kid enters

Faby Apache enters

La Hiedra enters

Hiedra eliminates Iron Kid. Kid is the first elimination.

Apache eliminates Negra

Aerostar enters

Taurus eliminates Triton

Monsther Clown enters

Dave the Clown enters

Apache elimates Hiedra

Monsther Clown elimates Aerostar

Murder Clown enters

Murder eliminates Monsther

Murder eliminates Dave the Clown

Apache’s dropkick eliminates Murder

Taurus eliminates Apache

Vikingo pinned Taurus after the reverse 450 splash to win the match and the trophy.

During the closing moments, Taurus gave Vikingo a driver on the apron which looked like it knocked the wind out of Vikingo. Vikingo returned the favor later by giving Taurus a power bomb on the apron.

Mega Champion Rey Fenix vs. Kenny Omega

Omega got the pin after a V-Trigger and One Wing Angel to win the title.

Several seconds before the finish Omega also gave Fenix a super power bomb and an Angel Wings piledriver but Fenix kicked out. Lady Shani came down during the match to be in the corner of Fenix. Fenix was bleeding bad from the bottom of his mask as if he might have suffered a broken nose.

Omega’s over the top and cartoonish facial expressions were on full display during the match and after. He kept asking for the mic post match but they refused to give it to him. The ring crew started to set up the cage for the main event while he and Fenix were still in the ring. Fenix tried to shake hands but Omega kept taunting him with the belt and didn’t want to shake hands.

Photo courtesy of Lucha Libre AAA WorldWide

Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpion vs. Pentagon Jr. and Texano Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. and Averno vs. Pagano and Chessman in a cage match where enemies are forced to be partners

This match is always confusing. It’s escape the cage rules and the last man left inside the cage is the loser of the match.

Wagner, Texano, Pagano, Averno, Pyscho, and Chessman all escaped leaving Pentagon and Escorpion as the final two left.

Clown drove Chessman through a table set up in the corner. Escorpion drove Pentagon through another one later. Pagano and Chessman were very bloody during the match.

Pentagon Jr. won the match by escaping the cage after giving Escorpion the package piledriver through several chairs set up in the ring.

After the match Texano, Taurus, and La Hiedra immediately attacked Pentagon and thew him back in the cage to beat him up. Psycho Clown and Fenix ran out and made the save.

The next show on Twitch is live next Saturday.

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